UFT88 Read at University of California Irvine

UC Irvine is ranked 45 in the world by webometrics, 106 by Times, 58 by Shanghai and 153 by QS it has nearly 31,000 students and an acceptance rate of 40.7%, founded in 1965 on the Irvine Ranch near Los Angeles California. Staff and students have read www.aias.us frequently for nearly fourteen years. Its motto is “Fiat Lux”, “Let there be Light”. UFT88 is the famous paper by Horst Eckardt and myself which refutes the Einstein theory of genreal relativity by correcting its geometry to include torsion. In UFT99 and its simplified notes, it was shown that neglect of torsion means no curvature and the disappearence of gravitation, a disaster for the standard model of physics. These papers have been read many thousands of times without objection, so the avant garde intellectuals of physics have rejected the standard physics of gravitation completely. UFT109 introduced the Evans torsion identity, and it has just been translated into Spanish. This identity became part of the Jacobi Cartan Evans identity of UFT313 (the second Bianchi identity corrected for torsion). In UFT354, already showing signs of being another classic paper, metric compatibility was used to show that the Riemannian geometry used by Einstein is meaningless. When torsion is correctly considered, the relation between the metric and connection becomes exceedingly intricate, and the Riemannian torsion tensor must be totally antisymmetric. Usually, such obvious advances merit a Nobel Prize and Fields Medal. I am reliably informed that several Nobel Prize nominations have been made for my early work on B(3). It is known with certainty that several Wolf Prize nominations have been made. This is a crisis of such severity that physics is split completely into two: standard model and ECE / ECE2. The famous scientometrics show this beyond reasonable doubt. The award of major prizes ans honours is controlled by the standard physics. The avant garde school (AIAS / UPITEC and many others) adhere to the Baconian foundations of physics rather than chasing glitter. However, if prizes are to mean anything they must be awarded fairly. This is certainly not the case in physics or chemistry at present.

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