Westminster Energy Policy in Tatters

I have heard an unconfirmed rumour that the Westminster Government has decided to build more gas / steam power stations. It seems that Hinckley Point was discontinued by a unilateral decision of the Prime Minister without consultation of Parliament. There is no constitution in Britain but this is always a dangerous thing to do. I advocate a Commons motion of no confidence in the tory government. The tories are hanging on to power after having been defeated on a major issue, and that is unprecedented and may be illegal. The tories have no right to govern Wales because they have been in a small minority for a century or more and have damaged Wales severely every time they are elected in England by a creaking and ancient first past the post system. They continue to force the closure of small libraries in the Swansea Valley, in Welsh speaking communities. Building more gas / steam stations makes a joke out of wind turbines, because gas steam is a fossil based source of power, what is known in NYC as the same old expletive. The Dissenters, such as those of Mawr, have been persecuted so much because they reject false authority. If England wishes to go down the route of hypocrisy, Wales must not follow, but prepare for hydroelectric power, combined with LENR and SE. It seems that the tories have woken up to the fact that wind turbines do not generate anything but heated wind, or hot air. I urge SOCME tonight to go for an emergency injunction and continue plans to make turbines unworkable, keeping it all legal despite the seething anger. When faced with something that is not democracy, but a mockery of the most cherished values of a People, I reject it, like Yeats, until it is reformed.

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