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Agreed with the Co President of AIAS, Dr. Gareth John Evans, who is a senior member of staff of Ceredigion County Council and a member of an all Wales committee and other advisory committees. It should be possible to build tidal hydroelectric power stations, large and small, all the way down the Severn from its source on Pumlumon to the sea, using the same thirty foot tide both sides of the Bristol Channel for gigawatt hydro power stations. China already has a hydro capacity of thousands of gigawatts, and the U. S. and Canda have a hydro capacity of hundred of gigawatts. Today, hydro for all Britain is a laughable 0.29 gigawatts. Many hydro power stations can be built all over the South Wales coast, and the opposite coast. The largest mean tidal range in all Britain is at Avonmouth, Bristol, 31.5 feet, and the second largest is at Burnham in Somerset, 29.9 feet. Swansea also has a very high mean tidal range and a large bay. There are smaller bays like this up the Bristol Channel to Newport and beyond, and to the west in Gower and so on. A few lagoons in the Bristol Channel would supply the entire demand of the countries of Britain, and there would be no need for wind, nuclear or any fossil fired power station. “The Ecologist” has recently reported enhanced cancer downwind of Trawsfynydd, which was experimental and placed in Trawsfynydd in case it leaked or blew like Four Mile Island or Chernobyl. Similarly Wylfa and Dounreay have also leaked. The Scottish ministers were not told about the 2014 blow out at Dounreay. In consequence of the outrage at Trawsfynydd and Wylfa,, every County Council in Wales banned nuclear power and nuclear weapons, but they were over ruled by Big Brother. Similarly every M. P. in Wales voted against Tryweryn reservoir, which drowned the village of Tryweryn, but they were again over ruled by Big Brother. Now the Welsh Assembly is Big Brother and Swansea Councils are two medium sized brothers. These are all members of the Ministry of Dogma. This is not my idea of a Government of Wales. Wylfa is being decommissioned now and there are also reports of high cancer rates there. All this is easily found by googling.

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Agreed. Swansea tidal lagoon is an obvious answer for Wales making Wales energy self sufficient. Also, the UK Government MUST consult with, and consider the views of Wales (and other devolved regions), before building any new nuclear reactors. England could easily build similar tidal schemes etc.

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