Defensive measures against forced development.

I have just heard that planning permission was forced through for 2016 / 0835 by the remote Swansea County Council, which disregarded all local Welsh speaking opinion, led by myself as Armiger. This is an illegal process because my objection was leaked to a newspaper reporter. I may find grounds for appeal. The Swansea Councils have been taken over by monoglot outsiders who also capitulated and turned coat on the Mynydd y Gwair fiasco. A new forced colonization of Wales is underway and this must be stopped by each individual Welsh speaking family who can put their house in Trust as I have done, or just make sure they never come on the fat capitalist market. There are many things more important than money. Houses of Welsh speakers must never be put on the open market if the language is to surive. If the Welsh Assembly means anything it must set up Broydd Iaith, otherwise it will sit on the docks in Cardiff, paying itself bloated salaries, watching the entire structure of Wales being destroyed. These monoglot outsiders were also responsible for the bankruptcy of Mawr Development Trust and the revolting desecration of Gerazim, which was sold in a pub like a packet of crisps. I urge all chapel authorities in Mawr to keep their chapels unchanged, look after them carefully, and never sell them. This cynical and hostile colonization of Welsh speaking Wales must be stopped in its tracks by legislation which would make it impossible for people to waltz in and throw the language into the dust bin. This is a gross violation of human rights.

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