Relation of Queen Anne Stuart to George 1st of Hanover

The relation is through Elizabeth Stuart, the sister of Charles 1st Stuart, my ancestral cousin, executed by the Republic of 1649 for high treason. My ancestral cousin Oliver Cromwell Lord Protector was one member of the Republic. Elizabeth Stuart was a Protestant who married Frederick of the Palatine. They were elected Protestant King and Queen of Bohemia but after a year were pushed out by the Catholic Hapsburgs. Their youngest daughter Sophia was married to the Protestant Ernest Augustus Hannover in 1658. George 1st was descended from Ernest Augustus and was born in 1660 in Osnabruck, Hannover. George IV and his younger brother William IV died without issue, so Victoria Hannover became Queen in 1837. She was the daughter of Edward Augustus Hannover, Duke of Kent, brother of George IV and William IV, and Marie Luise Victoire Prinzessin von Sachsen- Coburg-Saalfeld. Victoria married Franz August Karl Albert Emmanuel von Sachsen- Coburg und Gotha, (Prince Albert). Their son Edward 7th was Edevard von Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha. Elizabeth II Windsor is the great grandaughter of Edward 7th through George V and George VI. Charles 1st was descended from James IV of Scotland who married my ancestral cousin, the Princess Margaret Tudor, daughter of Henry VII, who was descended from my direct ancestor Tewdwr Mawr (Tudor the Great), King of the southern parts of Wales. As a lifelong republican, agnostic and adherent of Jefferson’s dictum The 1750 Statute of Vriginia for religious toleration, all of this is rather academic, because in my view monarchy ended in 1649. This is the very well known Nonconformist Protestant point of view and has been since 1649. For example Quakers, Baptists, Independents, Trinitarians, Unitarians and so on. Methodists are conformist protestants and recognize monarchy. So my cousin Charles is Prince of Wales because of descent from James IV of Scotland, son in law of Henry VII whose son Arthur was Prince of Wales. Many people recognize Owain Glyndw^r (also my ancestral cousin), as the one who is most worthy of the title. So he is known as King Owain IV of Wales. Other recognize my ancestral cousin Llewelyn ap Gruffudd as the last genuine Prince of Wales. I feel that the Prince of Wales should be first and foremost a fluent Welsh speaker, must live in Wales, must have been born in Wales, and know all about Wales. Someone told me during a wind turbine protest that I should take on the job, as a direct descendant of Tewdwr Mawr. At the risk of being executed I wouldn’t mind. At least I have Wales at heart and am uncorrupted by power. If all good republicans took on the role of Prince of Wales they would all have Wales at heart, and be raised incorruptible. They wouldn’t sell their language, culture and country down the river for rotten pieces of silver.

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