Recent Complaints

To Review Manager,
Local Authority Ombudsman,

You appear not to have been given the attached corroborative evidence by your staff, evidence which shows clearly that Cllr. Richard is capable of the crudest type of personal abuse. This is de facto evidence on the internet. You also appear not to know that the assault took place on Rhyddwen Road, Craig Cefn Parc, SA6 5RA. I had already pointed this out to the Ombudsman very clearly. You asserted incorrectly that I had not given the location. You appear to accept my word as a Member of the Gentry of Wales, and a descendant of the Princes, that Richard stopped his car directly alongside me while travelling in the direction of Llangyfelach, about twenty yards from my house at 50 Rhyddwen Road. He leaned over, wound down the window and started calling me a liar in an unreasonable, deeply hostile display of anger, entirely without warning. I was carrying a short stick which I use to fend off dogs. I have frequently been attacked by dogs while out walking and I use the stick to point at the dog without actually making any contact. It is just a sliver of wood, much lighter and shorter than a regular walking stick that many people carry around here. This is usually enough to fend off the dog. Richard threatened to call the police on 999 because he asserted that this short stick is an offensive weapon, a false accusation. This conduct is obviously a breach of the code of practice for County Councillors. The behaviour verges on the unbalanced. I put the stick behind my back and started talking to him in Welsh. After a while he drove off. The attached shows that he has abused people in this way before. The attached is crude, offensive abuse. I was appointed directly by Queen Elizabeth as a Civil List Pensioner, on the advice of the Prime Minister, and this abuse is in gross contempt of Crown and Parliament. If this happened in the Commons he would be expelled from the chamber. I do not want to be represented by a person like this, and have withdrawn recognition of him. I am also a U. S. Dual Citizen and will probably make a formal protest to the U. S. Embassy in London for an act of aggression against a U. S. citizen. I am also entitled to make formal complaint against the Ombudsman for failing to take evidence into account. If you have accepted my word as a Gentleman and Armiger, then you should open an enquiry. My ancient and distinguished Morgan Aubrey Family and I are outraged by these insults from a County Councillor. In the ancient law of Wales, an insult is a sarhad. In the law of my direct ancestor, King Hywel Dda, which was superior in many ways to Norman law, a deliberate insult resulted in payment to the family. An insult to one member was an insult to all the family. At least one member of my family has indicated to me in the past his outrage at Richard’s general language. Richard boasts emptily and falsely, of being a former coal miner, but no coal miner would ever behave like that. I come from generations of real, polite and cultured, Welsh speaking, coal miners.
In respect of Mawr Community Council, I have indicated as Armiger that I wish to distance myself from a Community Council that fails for five or six years to keep accounts. Does the Ombudsman condone this failure? If so the Ombudsman is irrelevant. The Council has been reprimanded severely by the Auditor of the Assembly, once in 2011 and once in 2015. This is public knowledge, given in copious detail in the public domain. Richard has resigned from the Community Council, and there is little or no governance in Mawr apart from my own voluntary efforts to control vandals, oppose wind turbines, press for double yellow lines and so on.

Yn Gywir iawn,

Myron Evans
(Dr. M. W. Evans, Gent. (raised to the Gentry 2008), Civil List Pensioner (appointed directly by the Head of State in 2005), D. Sc., Ph. D., B. Sc. (Wales).

Arglwydd Glyn Tawe a Gw^yr (Lord of Glyn Tawe and Gower, my armigerous or honorary title for distinguished service)

cc M. P. and Labour Opposition Gower Constituency

Subj: Complaint against Ioan Richard

Local Authority Ombudsman

In my recent complaint against Cllr. Richard that your senior staff are currently considering, I mentioned that he had called me a liar several times by driving alongside me and winding down the window, holding a mobile primed to dial 999. In my opinion this verges on the unbalanced. There were no witnesses but it is well known that the Councillor behaves like this. For example google Ioan Richard “e mails” to find public examples as follows.

Oct 29th 2004
“As you know the lies are lies as you lied – liar!
Nov 24th 2004
“The point is that you are a liar – I tell everyone you are a liar — ……… you liar”.
Feb. 4th 2005
When will you get it through your numb stupid skull that wind ….. are no choices.

These are blatant violations of the code of conduct, made against Martyn Shrewsbury. He resigned from the Community Council and failed abysmally to stop wind turbines. In contrast we at AIAS / UPITEC have devised circuits to take energy from spacetime (UFT311 on Ultimately these circuits might replace wind turbines. So it is time for him to resign, for the sake of his own health if nothing else. I have no history whatsoever of verbal abuse on my blog, all is reasoned criticism and lawful comment. I must press for a meaningful investigation. The balance of probability is that he acted as he did. The Ombudsman goes on balance of probability.

Myron Evans

Dr. M. W. Evans, Member of teh Gentry (2008), Civil List Pensioer (2005), D. Sc. (Wales)
50 Rhyddwen Road, Craig Cefn APrc, Swansea SA6 5RA

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