Rankings of the Colleges in Wales

Having self destructed a few years ago amid well known scandal, the world rankings of the cut up and colonized remnants of the once distinguished and federal University of Wales are poor and are given as follows.

1) Aberystwyth: 579 (webometrics); 301-350 (Times); Shanghai, too poor to be ranked; QS 471 – 480.
2) Bangor: 635 (webometrics);, 301- 350 (Times); Shanghai, too poor to be ranked; QS 471 – 480.
3) Cardiff: 285 (webometrics); 182 (Times); Shanghai 151 – 200; QS 125 or lower.
4) Swansea: 770 (webometrics); 351 – 400 (Times); Shanghai too poor to be ranked; QS ~400

These are abysmal results. I also made an h index analysis recently and found very poor performances. This is not good enough for a National University and sweeping reforms are needed. The real talent of Welsh speaking Wales is locked out by poverty and age old prejudice. My case is the worst, but there are many others too. My own AIAS is probably the best in the world at present for a small research institute. It is run from a coal miner’s house.

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