FOR POSTING: The Reason for Sixteen Fellowships

The reason for this is clearly described in volume two of my autobiography, in a truthful way. It was due to a corrupt system, an age old problem of the human condition. If you knew someone at Aberystwyth you would be appointed to tenure for life, and did not have to do very much on a nice safe salary. My dedication to science meant that I was forced to compete many times over and ran up a world record. Even then they still could not find the common decency to award tenure. They had the money. I was always told that there was no money available. Even now, when I am among the best known and most influential of scientists in the world, they still cannot find the common sense to recognize any of my achievements. The recognition comes in n times over from the rest of the world via the objective scientometrics. This situation is due to my exposure of the ghastly Purnell scandal, when a job was offered to me via Mansel Davies, but simultaneously advertized. As a young man, I was utterly repelled and deeply angered by that corruption. I am even more repelled and angered now, because the corruption is condoned, no one can do anything about it, and it has destroyed the University of Wales, not my work. I resigned from this job as soon as I could, to take up an SERC Advanced Fellowship back at Aberystwyth, won in fierce open competition. Recently I found that some contemporaries at the EDCL were appointed to tenure without any competition at all, one of them, A. J. S. Williams, without a Ph. D. One prestigious post doctoral fellowship is enough for tenure, two at most, otherwise the young post doctoral will become disgusted by the system. I tried to reform this ridiculous merry-go-round by forming the European Molecular Liquids Group at the National Physical Laboratory near London, and tried to introduce into Britain a system similar to the French CNRS, the Deutch forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation), Max Planck system, or Italian CNR or INFN. In so doing, I consulted forty two research organizations across Europe in my role as scientific coordinator. I was consulted by the U. S. NSF and Tam Dalyell, Shadow Minister of Education. All of this was totally destroyed by Jeremy Jones in 1983, under orders from Purnell, who had a kind of shadowy presence, like a godfather. With a system like that, who needs Gaius Caligula? It is probably unchanged since the days of the mad emperor.

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