Spot Check on UFT336

All the ECE2 papers are very intensely studied all the time by the best in the world, so taking one of them at random, UFT336, gives the following results. It is ECE2 applied to the Aharonov Bohm effects. It is mainly double spaced, fourteen pages long 12 point. So one page is 1823 bytes. In the first 28 days of April 2016, 2.7043 megabytes of the paper were downloaded in English and Spanish from, which is 148,340 printed pages, i.e. 10,596 copies of the paper read in 29 days off This total is increased by an estimated 60% for plus, giving 16,954 copies of the paper read in 28 days off combined sites in 28 days. This a rate of 221,008 copies of the paper read per year, a phenomenon of physics history for any era. There are current thirty one ECE2 papers so the number of readings run into millions per year, say five to ten million a year at a guestimate. Furthermore, this kind of readership is echoed for all 344 items to date on My early work was forged in the era of reprint requests, which was a slow, laborious method of getting results to the colleagues. The most I got was about a 100 reprint requests for a paper on the trochilics of water molecules free of hydrogen bonding. The editor did not understand Greek so I was asked to change “trochilics” to “rotational dynamics”. I was forbidden from sending out the reprint requests because of postage costs, and because the administration refused to buy offprints of my papers because I was only a graduate student or post doc. So the system suppressed merit. This can no longer happen because no one can stop publication. Everyone knows that the old physics is obsolete.

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