Some Measures of Impact by Google Keywords

1) ECE2 unified field theory: first three sites first page of Google
2) Bianchi identity: first page of Google.
3) Proof of the Cartan identity: fourth site first page of Google.
4) Cartan identity: two sites first page of Google.
5) Barddoniaeth (broadest possible keyword), site on page six of 311,000 sites containing the best poetry produced in Wales and Scotland (Welsh and Cumbric languages) over 1,600 years.
6) Barddoniaeth Evans: three sites first page of Google, sites on page two, image of the poetry book.
7) Aharonov Bohm effect unified field theory many sites page one of Google.
8) Faraday disk unified field theory, many sites on pages one, two and four of Google.
9) Electrodynamics unified field theory, two sites on page two of Google.

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