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FOR POSTING: Essay 106

March 31, 2016

This is Essay 106 on the discovery of a new Schroedinger equation.

FOR POSTING: Essay 107

March 31, 2016

This is essay 107 on the Evans / Morris effects.

Book of Scientometrics Volume Two

March 31, 2016

This is the Book of Scientometrics Volume Two updated to 29/3/16. Two new record highs were achieved. Up to this date, 27.857 Gigabytes, and 83,434 page views. Up to 19/3/16 there were 108,196 hits and 16,852 distinct visits. From the top twenty universities in the world by Webometrics, Times and QS there were visits from: Caltech, MIT, UCLA*, UC San Diego, Texas Austin, Washington, Yale, Cambridge*, Oxford*, Edinburgh*, Toronto, Texas A and M, Michigan, Tokyo, and National University of Singapore. The final returns for March will be available shortly as usual.


Editing the Recordings

March 31, 2016

This is a good idea, it would be useful if they could be edited into a format where they can go on the blog. I know that the recordings made by Robert Cheshire went on the blog, so there must be a way of doing it. This is not critical because Dave will post them on the site and Michael on youtube. The background noise is the fan of the computer. The Sony recorder itself makes virtually no noise.

In a message dated 31/03/2016 09:09:45 GMT Daylight Time writes:

Let me give another hint:
Before start and after ending of the talk you should leave some seconds of silence. This avoids hearable clicking of buttons and so on. I guess that Michael Jackson will edit the sound file anyway, so he can cut these parts suitably.
There is a slight background noise, I guess that this is due to the recording apparatus and cannot be avoided so easily.


Am 29.03.2016 um 17:57 schrieb EMyrone:

With the expert help of Steve Dewitt some sound tests have been completed, and the quality is very good. One essay with be a manageable size and each item can be distributed to the entire listing and put on the blog and wayback machine and simultaneously sent to Dave Burleigh and Michael Jackson for posting on and youtube. Steve gave some tuition on broadcasting. The main idea is to broadcast them in my own voice.

Two New Fourteen Year Records

March 31, 2016

The site again set record highs in March 2016 to date (up to 29/2/16): 27.856 gigabytes downloaded and 83,434 page views in March up to 29th. This indicates a rapidly increasing worldwide interest in the work of AIAS and UPITEC. Internet conferencing patterns and complete site downloads are becoming regular features. The total number of items read runs into hundred of millions from May 2002 to present. This is an international cooperation and congratulations to all staffs. The quality of readership is the highest possible.

Essay 24 uploaded to Youtube

March 31, 2016

Many thanks again, looks excellent, and all your work is much appreciated by a worldwide readership and audience.

In a message dated 30/03/2016 21:47:10 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

Dr Evans,

Here is Essay 24:

Please review it, and see if there are any improvements to be made. I tried a different format, which makes the print much larger (but is much more work, as I have to use a word processor). This way is better, as I can edit out the control characters in the Essay pdfs.

Also, my Einstein picture is not really appropriate, but I got a chuckle out of the concept of many physicists violating the exclusion principle.

Michael Jackson

Essay 24, First Take

March 31, 2016

Many thanks for your kind remarks. I did a second take of the Essay with the microphone further away. I think that the shortened version looks good. If trolls can be trashed on sight that is OK with me. We all know who they are and their scientific contribution is of course zero.

In a message dated 30/03/2016 19:02:54 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

Dr Evans,

The shortened version of “The Universe of Myron Evans” on Youtube has 155 views, and four Thumbs Up:

The trolls gave themselves away, when all the Thumbs Down appeared immediately after the videos were uploaded. That is typical of an organized disinformation campaign.

Thank you for the new recording, but it is best to keep the microphone slightly off to the side, and to have a foam covering for the mic, to avoid “popping your P’s”. The best sound quality occurs when the mic is a couple of inches off to the side of the mouth.

A headset mic is best for this type of narration, so there is no distraction from holding the microphone. Also, the more you can relax, and be at ease, the better the recordings will be. You are amongst friends, and we all support you 100%. I have found that is the best way to avoid anxiety, by realizing the listener is eager to hear what you have to say, wants to learn the material, and completely supports you, and your research. If they don’t, then they deserve no respect at all, and their irrational criticisms should be of zero concern to anyone.

All your essays are amazing insights, and the world will be happy to have these historical recordings.


Michael Jackson

On Wed, Mar 30, 2016 at 4:27 AM, <EMyrone> wrote:

I held the microphone too close in this take and so there is saturation a some points as the microphone winces. In the next take I will place the microphone further away. Essay 24 is very popular because it gets rid of so much dogma in a simple way. It is one of the most technical essays.

Suggested Conference

March 31, 2016

You are welcome any time, I would like to see your circuit in action, and also other devices. I will start phoning around to gauge the interest in the conference. The easiest way is to one of the London airports then by train to Swansea from Paddington. It is easy to get to the Castle from Swansea.

In a message dated 30/03/2016 16:57:58 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

Dear Dr, Evans,

Yes, I would like to go AIAS conference. I examined the various way to go to Cardiff and Craig Nos Castle.

However I have not received any information from LENR conference in Stockholm. It looks hard and quite expensive even from Stockholm and also Japan.

So I will give up to go this summer. I would like to go next summer.

Then I might find much reasonable way to go.



From: []
Sent: Wednesday, March 30, 2016 4:58 PM
Subject: Replacing Wind Turbines: Conferencing on UFT311 and Self Charging Inverter

The daily scientometrics today show that there has been international internet conferencing on this important paper and on the Ide circuit. The participants included Engineering at Windsor University Canada, the Apollo Education network in Arizona, Graceland University Idaho, the U. S. Naval Research Laboratory in Washington D. C. and a number of private sites that I cannot identify. There was also a visit from the City Government of Vienna, which may have participated. This all happened on the same day and the number of hits for UFT311 went up to 175 for the month of March to date. I will work out the number of readings. The number of hits for the SCI paper went up to 112 and there was also increased interest in the Lindstrom Idaho Lecture. This paper and circuit will also be discussed at a conference in Stockholm in the summer. The circuit was designed and built by Osamu Ide who presented it at a Royal Society of Chemistry conference recently in Japan. All details are given in UFT311, which proves that Einstein Cartan Evans (ECE) unified field theory describes the experimental results exactly, whereas the standard model of physics fails. This is a major breakthrough which should be followed up by government and corporate funding. I hope that Horst Eckardt and Osamu Ide can present the circuit and paper at an AIAS / UPITEC Craig y Nos Castle conference in the summer. AIAS Fellow Dr. Steve Bannister of the Department of Economics, University of Utah will also be an invited speaker at the Stockholm conference, adn wishes to discuss matters with me next summer. All are welcome here any time. There is a huge amount of international interest in ECE theory, now proven experimentally to high precision. The Ide circuit takes energy from spacetime (, and ECE also gives a plausible qualitative explanation of low energy nuclear reactors (LENR) originally discovered in the University of Utah.

cc Prime Minister’s Office, Gower Constituency (M. P. and main Labour Opposition), Mawr Community Council

Daily Report 29/3/16

March 31, 2016

The equivalent of 252,268 printed pages was downloaded during the day (921.260 megabytes) from 3035 memory files downloaded (hits) and 530 distinct visits each averaging 5.0 pages and 19 minutes, main spiders cnsat(China), google, MSN and yahoo. Collected ECE2 2029, Top ten items 1713, Collected Evans / Morris 957(est), Collected scientometrics 663(est), Barddoniaeth / Collected Poetry 517, Eckardt / Lindstrom papers 414, Autobiography volumes one and two 392, F3(Sp) 373, Principles of ECE 328, Proofs that no torsion means no gravitation 267, UFT311 201, UFT88 197, Evans Equations 161, Engineering Model 150, CEFE 122, Self charging inverter 115, UFT321 85, Llais 68, Lindstrom Idaho Lecture 45, List of prolific authors 34, Three world records by MWE 30, UFT313 73, UFT314 58, UFT315 76, UFT316 72, UFT317 85, UFT318 77, UFT319 84, UFT320 60, UFT322 73, UFT323 50, UFT324 95, UFT325 82, UFT326 76, UFT327 64, UFT328 67, UFT329 85, UFT330 72, UFT331 81, UFT332 70, UFT333 64, UFT334 69, UFT335 75, UFT336 79, UFT337 55, UFT338 70, UFT339 65, UFT340 51, UFT341 73, UFT342 28 to date in March 2016. Iowa State University general; University of California Riverside UFT142; Universite Pierre et Marie Curie general; University of Science and Technology Hong Kong UFT142; Tel Aviv University UFT11; United States Airforce Academy Essay 24; Condensed Matter Physics Group University of Cambridge Suggested combined strategy, three world records by MWE, UFT342, My CV, ECE Devices. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for March 2016.

Incident Number 673 Involving S29 NRC

March 30, 2016

To Mawr Community Council:

I had to phone 101 again today because this vehicle is again parked within 10 metres of a junction – that of Mountain Road and Rhyddwen Road. A whole series of incidents involving this vehicle has been logged, and two police warnings have been given, one for ethnically aggravated verbal common assault with multiple threats, another for disorderly conduct. The police at the Bridgend 101 call centre informed me that I am doing the right thing in reporting each incident and making this harassing behaviour public. I asked for the owner to be ticketed and charged with aggravated harassment. There is now plenty of evidence for the latter. The police informed me that the ethnic abuse of my wife in the first common assault is a serious offence. So were the ethnically hostile remarks against the Welsh language and speakers, and so were the threats and prolonged verbal abuse. There were no witnesses but there is now an accumulation of incidents and overwhelming circumstantial evidence, witnessed by the police. There is clear evidence of harassment. I am scheduled to discuss these matters with a police officer or officers. The police demand effective action from the Councils, notably double yellow lines, ticketing, towing and wardens. It is an offence to park within ten metres of a junction, and directly opposite a junction. This junction is clearly marked with standard double white dashed lines. At the request of the police I have been logging these traffic offences for nearly two years. The situation in Mawr is out of control, and urgent action is needed, notably double yellow lines, car parks made by the Council, garages for hire and so on – to get cars completely off the pavements and roads. It is an offence to park on a pavement – that of unnecessary obstruction of pedestrians. Pavements are made for pedestrians, not cars.

cc MP and Labour Opposition Gower.

Myron Evans,