Quick Keyword Analysis

The ever popular UFT25, UFT43 and UFT88 have made it on to the first pages of google using the broadest of keywords. They deal with the Gauss law of magnetism, Faraday law of induction, the Faraday disc generator, and the second Bianchi identity. They have been read an order of magnitude a million times since they were written. UFT88 for example has been read an estimated 630,000 times since August 2007. So using keywords “second Bianchi identity”, “Gauss law of magnetism” and “Faraday disc generator” with inverted commas brings all three papers up on the first page of google. Without inverted commas they come up on the second and third pages out of hundreds of thousands of results. These keywords are the broadest possible without losing relevance, they do not even mention ECE theory. This pattern is true for all the items on www.aias.us, indicating a quiet revolution in thought, or major paradigm shift, in physics (natural philosophy) and to a certain extent chemistry, engineering and mathematics. So my heartiest congratulations to the staffs of AIAS and UPITEC who have forged a place in history.

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