American Physical Society/LENR and Rydberg Phases

This is a major breakthrough for LENR, which is explained by UFT226 ff and the latest developments in ECE2, where the vacuum is seen to be made up of wave particles which transfer energy and momentum to elementary particles. The extra energy needed for LENR is contained in spacetime. As in your recent slide set, UFT311 is a precise agreement between ECE and the Ide circuit. I think that Horst Eckardt, Doug Lindstrom, Alex Hill and Osamu Ide could be invited to this APS conference, or you could present your slide set on behalf of AIAS at any conference you may attend if you see fit. Rydberg phase theory is a development to which ECE has not yet been applied. Perhaps Horst Eckardt and Doug Lindstrom could apply the new vacuum theory to these developments. At this stage, after 340 papers and books, I encourage the colleagues to apply ECE and ECE2 independently to any new problem of interest. My Ph. D. supervisor , Prof. Mansel Davies, expected me to be able to do that from day one as graduate student. Even before I started I was given a Thesis to study. He would suggest a problem by scribbling it out on a piece of paper, and I then was on my own. Some fingers of his right hand had been blown off in an explosion, so his scribbling was hard to read. We students gradually got used to it. My own supervision of Gareth Evans and Colin Reid was much more detailed, I would make sure they got an M. Sc. and two Ph. D.’s by producing high quality papers, and then looked after them well to make sure they got post doctorals and jobs. This was all screwed up deliberately by undeleted expletives, as in volume two of my autobiography, but I did the job well. My own Ph. D. was essentially done on my own, I was the first graduate ever to publish papers before submitting a Ph. D. I recommend this method of working to anyone who wishes to obtain an in depth knowledge of ECE and ECE2. Only then will they be able to gobble up the dogmatists. Until then they will always be at the mercy of propaganda and are liable to fall into any one of a myriad crevasses. I think that you have an excellent knowledge of physics bearing in mind that you are an economist. You have studied ECE and ECE2 for more than a decade, and also studied Carroll chapters one to three, essential background reading. Lar Felker also built up an excellent knowledge of ECE up to 2005.

Sent: 22/02/2016 13:25:25 GMT Standard Time
Subj: American Physical Society/LENR

Hello Myron. I do not recall what ECE/ECE2 have to say about Rydberg phases; in any case this is a remarkable event, and in Salt Lake City. How ironic.

I am currently scheduled to be presenting at an econ conference in Reno that weekend, but will see if the schedule allows both. If not, I have a tough choice, but am leaning toward APS.

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