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Anyone is welcome here any time, GJE and I were both students of Mansel Davies, along with Colin Reid. GJE has indeed been immensely helpful for forty two years (1974 to present), and is a well known scientist in his own right. I am ready to record essays here at any time if Robert Cheshire can deal with the technical side. The idea is to preserve history on the Wayback Machine ( I don’t think that there is any recording of Mansel Davies, I may be wrong, so that shows how things can be lost. In my view the recordings by Robert Cheshire are excellent, but Michael Jackson asked me to record in my own voice. I think that this is a good idea. As many ordinary people should be recorded as possible, because that will preserve dialects and small languages for the future.

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You will be remembered through written word and voice whatever happens from now on and that is all that matters. My only contribution has been to help a great scientist and true friend as best as I could. I have never expected anything in return and have had no ambitions of my own. I am a simple man from what I think is a good and well intended family.

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