Gigabytes Downloaded in January 2016

Up to 30/1/16, 26.71 gigabytes have been downloaded from alone. This is 7,316,074 printed pages. For combined sites and the total is increased by an estimated 60%, giving 11,705,718 printed pages downloaded in thirty days. So we have achieved our aim of promoting adn teaching ECE and ECE2 in every subject area at all levels of education, and of completely refuting the obsolete dogma of the standard model. This is a very healthy development in physics. The public funding of the obsolete physics is being rapidly decreased. It is still taught of course, but any bright pupil or student also studies ECE and ECE2 along with staffs and students from the best universities in the world. My work (1973 to present) has always caused intense interest in the best places, now the interest is greater than ever before. Thanks to all concerned!

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