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Daily Report Christmas Day 25/12/15

December 27, 2015

There were 2416 hits or files downloaded from 517 distinct visits each of 4.0 pages and 9 minutes on average, main spiders google, MSN and yahoo. Top ten items 978, Collected ECE2 575, Collected scientometrics 388, Collected Evans / Morris papers 250(est); Autobiography volumes one and two 217, F3(Sp) 186, Barddoniaeth / Collected Poetry 165, Eckardt / Lindstrom papers 141, Proofs that no torsion means no gravitation 132, UFT88 114, Principles of ECE 100, Engineering Model 88, Evans Equations 54, UFT311 52, Self charging inverter 45, CEFE 43, Llais 40, UFT321 33, Lindstrom Idaho Lecture 22, Most prolific scientists in history 14, Three world records by MWE 7, UFT313 23, UFT314 12, UFT315 16, UFT316 23, UFT317 26, UFT318 39, UFT319 32, UFT320 27, UFT322 33, UFT323 25, UFT324 39, UFT325 83, UFT326 13, UFT327 12, UFT328 11, UFT329 15, UFT330 13, UFT331 11, UFT332 33, UFT333 40, UFT334 38, UFT335 9 to date in December 2015. Engineering and Informatics Ltd. Chile general; intensive spidering of UFT and OO Sections; Ubiquitous Knowledge Processing Laboratory, Informatics, Technical University Darmstadt extensive study of all aspects of the website; British Mindfulness in Schools Project extensive study of the website. Intense interest all sectors, Updated usage file attached for December 2015

Continuing with UFT336

December 26, 2015

The next stage being prepared today is to develop a completely new theory of the ECE2 vacuum, which contains energy from spacetime.

This bears watching – direct electricity from LENR

December 26, 2015

Agreed with AIAS Fellow Dr. Steve Bannister of the University of Utah. These devices should be developed with all despatch, there is not a minute or dollar to lose on mythical higgsinos or useless wind turbines. In the wind being experienced in the western approaches to Ireland and Britain now, wind turbines have been switched off for weeks, a total insanity.

Sent: 26/12/2015 15:44:34 GMT Standard Time
Subj: This bears watching – direct electricity from LENR

Very interesting if it holds.

Daily Report 24/12/15

December 26, 2015

There were 2286 hits or files downloaded from 426 distinct visits each of 4.1 pages and 12 minutes average, main spiders google, MSN and yahoo. Top ten items 953, Collected ECE2 534, Collected scientometrics 318, Collected Evans / Morris papers 240 (est), Autobiography volumes one and two 210, F3(Sp) 182, Barddoniaeth / Collected Poetry 156, Eckardt / Lindstrom papers 131, Proofs that no torsion means no gravitation 126, UFT88 117, Engineering Model 95, Principles of ECE 89, Evans Equations 62, UFT311 50, Self Charging Inverter 44, CEFE 42, Llais 40, UFT321 31, Lindstrom Idaho Lecture 20, Most prolific scientists in history 13, Three World Records held by MWE 7, UFT313 22, UFT314 12, UFT315 16, UFT316 23, UFT317 22, UFT318 37, UFT319 32, UFT320 27, UFT322 31, UFT323 25, UFT324 35, UFT325 81, UFT326 12, UFT327 12, UFT328 11, UFT329 15, UFT330 12, UFT331 11, UFT332 20, UFT333 38, UFT334 35, UFT335 5 to date in December 2015. spidering of UFT and OO sections; University of Iowa Educational Note Two; Saransk Region Russia New Laws of Classical Dynamics. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for December 2015.

New Comparative Performance Table

December 25, 2015

In order to forge a meaningful comparison, AIAS / UPITEC should be compared with small, high quality academic research groups. Page views now seem to be the in thing for high quality academic departments, so I give a short summary as follows, and gradually build it up into a comparative performance table per research group.

1) For 2014, AIAS / UPITEC 905,811 page views
2) Chemical Physics Group, Dept. of Chemistry, Univ. of Cambridge 7072 page views from 8/9/2010 to present, about 1,768 page views a year.
3) Patrick Theoto Group, Univ. Hamburg 1628 page views since 17/9/2015, about 6512 page views a year.
4) MIT post doctoral Adam Merberg, about 3476 page views a year (very good for a post doc).
5) Dept. of Chemistry Wayne State University, 441 page views over an unspecified span of time.

So AIAS / UPITEC is way out in front of even the best universities in the world. In one of the recent rankings MIT and Cambridge are joint second the world. After all we consist of a small number of active authors, and we have sustained this huge impact since the first comparative impact table was drawn up some years ago, blowing away all “competition”. So our impact is a thousand times greater than the Cambridge group. Many congratulations to all staffs and digest the turkey. Every indicator looks excellent.

A Tiny Selection of Reprint Requests

December 25, 2015

This is a tiny selection of reprint requests, which I began to receive in about 1973 or 1974, and they continued right up to the late nineties until the website method took over in 2002. There were tens of thousands of them for offprints of papers published. The administration in the University of Wales hogged all the resources and I was not allowed to order offprints. They ordered offprints regularly for themselves. I could only get free offprints, which were quickly exhausted amid complaints of using too much departmental postage, publishing too much, length of hair, colour of eyes and number of fingers. With years of effort by many colleagues, the Omnia Opera was assembled gradually on Thanks in particular to Dave Burleigh, Horst Eckardt, and Mr Hines, Librarian at Hugh Owen. The Omnia Opera is regularly read back to 1973, to OO One. The entire OO is archived by the National Library of Wales and British Library. So intense interest in my work is nothing new. I was very unlucky in running into a terminally corrupt and unproductive system as described in Autobiography Volume Two. AIAS can be thought of as the REAL University of Wales. The Uplands Bookshop and The Mermaid pub in Mumbles were the department of literature of the real University of Wales Swansea. Universities can be a good thing, I suppose, after all I measure quality by them, but if and only if the administration is good and allows freedom of thought. Otherwise the university becomes a terrible drag on imagination and individual freedom or liberty. Not the freedom to do anything or nothing, but the freedom to impose self discipline. Dylan Thomas was not a drunkard, he was the most self disciplined of all poets. He relaxed in the Mermaid and in Laugharne. It is amazing how pub goers would listen spell bound to Milton declaimed by Thomas. Similarly the court would listen spell bound to Dafydd ap Gwilym or Dante.


FOR POSTING: Estimate of Number of Pages of Text Read per Year, Combined Sites

December 25, 2015

1) Visit = distinct visit; number of distinct visits = number of people who read the sites, filtered for spiders.
2) Page view = number of pages of computer memory viewed.
3) Hits = total number of files downloaded.
4) One byte = one typed character.

In 2014 for combined sites (,, there were 265,301 visits, 905,811 page views, 1,238,538 hits, and 258.46 gigabytes read. This means 3.41 pages of computer memory per person visiting the sites, and 285,000 bytes per visit. This means that each person read 285,000 characters such as A, B, 1, 2 etc. Assume very roughly that one word of text is ten characters on average. So each person read or opened 28,500 words of text. A page of double spaced A4 (UFT papers) is about 300 words. A page of single spaced text used for essays is about 700 words, given the font size. So each visitor downloaded almost 100 pages of UFT paper material or about 50 pages of essays. Number of pages of text can be used to define actual number of readings. So in 2014 the actual number of readings was between thirteen and twenty six million pages of text. So over a decade this between 130 and 260 million pages of text. There are a lot of handwritten equations, some diagrams and so on, so the conclusion is order of magnitude ten million pages of text per year at the minimum. In the thirteen years of existence of the sites, order of magnitude one hundred million pages of text read. If I sent all this by mail a special fleet of Eurobuses or Boeing 767’s would have to be hired every day, or alternatively an empty supertanker. This is most definitely a vote of confidence from the best scientific minds in the world. Enjoy the turkey!

Season’s greetings to Dr Steve Bannister

December 25, 2015

Season’s Greetings from all here to AIAS Fellow Dr Steve Bannister, and congratulations on graduating Ph. D. this year and appointment as Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Utah. This is a nice youtube clip of a famous reading by Dylan Thomas describing his Uplands Swansea in the early twenties, when he would have been seven or eight years old. I bought all the Dylan Thomas books from The Uplands Bookshop, the same as the one frequented by Dylan Thomas himself. The bookshop was run by Bert Trick and it was a university of its own. The other part of the University was in The Mermaid in Mumbles, where Thomas recited lines of John Milton from memory.

Sent: 24/12/2015 18:07:27 GMT Standard Time
Subj: Season's greetings.

Hello Myron. Know your affection for Dylan Thomas, I thought you might enjoy this reading by him appropriate for the season:

Very best to you (and all),

Daily Report 23/12/15

December 25, 2015

There were 2331 hits from 434 distinct visits, each of 3.3 pages, 11 minutes average, main spiders google, MSN and yahoo. Top ten items 931, Collected ECE2 papers 495, Collected scientometrics 347, Collected Evans / Morris papers 250 (est), Autobiography volumes one and two 198, F3(Sp) 178, Barddoniaeth / Collected Poetry 153, Eckardt / Lindstrom papers 129, Proofs that no torsion means no gravitation 121, UFT88 115, Principles of ECE 86, Engineering Model 82, Evans Equations 59, UFT31 51, Self charging inverter 43, CEFE 42, UFT321 40, Llais 37, Lindstrom Idaho Lecture 17, List of most prolific scientists in history 11, Three World Records 6, UFT313 19, UFT314 11, UFT315 13, UFT316 19, UFT317 19, UFT318 37, UFT319 28, UFT320 25, UFT322 29, UFT323 37, UFT324 34, UFT325 77, UFT326 12, UFT327 12, UFT328 11, UFT329 12, UFT330 12, UFT331 10, UFT332 20, UFT333 37, UFT334 35, UFT335 2 to date in Decemeber 2015. Astrophysics Pontifical Catholic University of Chile UFT231; Federico Santa Maria Technical University Chile Vina del Mar F13(Sp); (Marine Electronics China) selective spidering of OO and UFT sections; Ubiquitous Knowledge Processing Laboratory, Dept. of Informatics, Technical University of Darmstadt “Generally Covariant Unfied Field Theory” (UFT papers); Romanian Ministry of Social Services Spacetime devices. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for December 2015.

336(3): The Anomalous g Factor of the Electron Explained by the ECE2 Vacuum

December 24, 2015

The vacuum vector potentials A and W of ECE2 theory are used to produce two equations (15) and (16) which can be solved simultaneously to give the vacuum tetrad vector q(vac) and vacuum spin connection vector omega(vac). These are general and ubiquitous. Together, they define the Aharonov Bohm effects in ECE2 theory in a very simple way, these effects are observed in regions where there exist potentials but no force fields. Aharanov was recently awarded a Wolf Prize and the late David Bohm worked with my co author, the late Jean-Pierre Vigier. Aharonov appears with Dirac and others in a conference organized by the late Prof. John B. Hart, a referee for my Civil List Pension (2005). This photograph is in Kerry Pendergast “The Life of Myron Evans”. Merzbacher is also in the photograph, and I think that Wigner is also there. The AB effects appear both in electromagnetism and gravitation. The AB effects and anomalous g factor of the electron are therefore explained in the same way, using Cartan geometry and the hypotheses of ECE2 given in UFT303, The Engineering Model. The vacuum potentials are greatly developed by Eckardt and Lindstrom in UFT292 to UFT299, now very heavily studied worldwide. The vacuum potentials are responsible for energy from spacetime. It has been known since the mid forties that there is electric power in the vacuum, or spacetime. So to deny this goes against standard physics. Only a few uneducated people would deny it. So ESR in a relativistic electron beam will be affected by the anomalous g factor of the electron:

g = 2.002319314

(see UFT85, a paper which has been intensely studied at all the best universities for a decade). In fact ESR is so accurate that it is used to measure g, but UFT85 reveals serious problems with the claims to precision of the Standards Laboratories. One of the many surprising things found during the development of the now famous UFT series. This brings into serious doubt the elaborate and essentially empirical, multi variable, and non Baconian methods of quantum electrodynamics. These doubts are compounded greatly in quantum chromodynamics, which contains yet more adjustables or variables. With enough adjustables one could fit Barry John dropping four goals against Newport in 1964. So I stick here to a semi classical theory and have not introduced second quantization as yet. That is the realm of quantum field theory.