Difficulties with Planck’s Law

I agree with Stephen Crothers, there are many difficulties with Planck’s law as noted in the intensely studied Evans / Morris papers.

Kirchhoff’s Law and Planck’s Universality

Dear Mr. ‘t Hooft,

Thanks for your email. Unfortunately, your argument is incorrect – there is no such perpetual mobile implied, so the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics is not violated at all. You have not understood our paper. I nonetheless invite you to send me your proof that ρ = ρ’ and thereby vindicate Max Planck and G. R. Kirchhoff.

Also, there is still the issue of the black hole fallacy:

Crothers, S. J., The Painlevé-Gullstrand ‘Extension’ – A Black Hole Fallacy, American Journal of Modern Physics, 5, Issue 1-1 , February 2016, Pages:33-39,


Yours faithfully,
Stephen J. Crothers

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