E Index of Arnold Sommerfeld

This is 55,200 from A = 251, B = 220, h = 49. I can find about 220 scientific papers on Google Scholar by Sommerfeld and co workers. He was nominated for the Nobel Prize 84 times from 1917 to 1951, seven of his students or assistants were Nobel Laureates: Pauli, Heisenberg, Debye, Bethe, Pauling, Rabi and von Laue. He was nominated many times by Max von Laue, Max Planck and Wilhelm Wien, also by Enrico Fermi in 1950. The nominations were blocked by only one physics member of the Nobel Prize Committee, Carl Wilhelm Oseen, who felt that Sommerfeld’s work was not fundamental enough! This makes little or no sense to me, showing that the Nobel Prize process is quite arbitrary. It is obvious that Sommerfeld made many major discoveries: the relativistic correction of the Bohr atom, and two quantum numbers are attributed to him. His students obviously built on his teaching. Sommerfeld was not very happy at all this, he felt he should have been awarded the 1923 Nobel prize after Bohr had been awarded one. In comparison my indices are E = 213,235, A = 130.18, B = 1638, h = 39 plus a vast impact by scientometrics. A Civil List Pension is higher in status than a Nobel Prize because the former is a State high honour, rarely awarded, and the Nobel Prize is an academic honour, although it dominates the public mind in an unhealthy way. For a scientist’s scientist, Sommerfeld is the most influential figure in what became known as the new quantum mechanics of the golden age of physics. Planck and Einstein are the most influential figures in the original quantum mechanics of about 1899 onwards, known as the old quantum mechanics. I am in the process of demolishing the standard physics which dominates the Nobel Prize scene, but I am told I have been nominated a few times. There is no reason to disbelieve this.

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