334(1): The Zeeman Effect of the Class One Hamiltonian

According to a subjective choice of schemes the usual Zeeman effect is either shifted according to Eq. (1), with the classical linear momentum p0 regarded as a function, or split, as in Eq (29), using the expectation value of the classical kinetic energy in the H atom. The various splittings will be different from those computed in previous work, and they can all be computed and graphed for various lines of the H atom. So we reach a profound turning point in physics, the Dirac equation is not objective once the unphysical Dirac approximation (H0 = 0) is discarded. The next note will develop tha anomalous Zeeman effect, in which the spin quantum number is introduced in addition to the orbital angular momentum quantum number. The usual method of dealing with the anomalous Zeeman effect rests on another arbitrary choice of quantization as in Eq. (30).


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