Plateau of Interest

Many thanks, the plateau has been steady for a decade so ECE is a new school of thought in physics with its own publishing system and educational system. The scientometrics can be used to measure all aspects of impact. No other institute or group has this quality of measurement. For example the ECE2 papers are already being studied at the rate of ten thousand times a year, all produced this year (2015). The Evans / Morris papers are being read at the rate of about eight thousand times a year and so on. I can see that referrals from the wikipedia troll site have stopped completely. They had been declining sharply for years. ECE is an intellectual authority of its own. The leading item is Felker’s chapter three in Spanish, on ECE quantum mechanics, being read at the rate of 10,500 times a year, followed by Barddoniaeth / Collected Poetry at about five thousand times a year, read and heard, then Autobiography Volumes One and Two.

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Astonishing and continued interest as your extrapolations predict. Congrats!!

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