Daily Report 28/9/15

There were 3154 files downloaded or hits from 471 reading sessions or distinct visits, 1.36 gigabytes downloaded during the day from private site extensive downloads. Main spiders baidu, google, MSN, yandex and yahoo. F3(Sp) 803, Collected ECE2 papers 732, Collected Evans / Morris papers 560 (est), Collected Scientometrics 546, Barddoniaeth / Collected Poetry 378, Autobiography Volumes One and Two 367, Proofs that no torsion means no curvature 220, Principles of ECE 195, Eckardt / Lindstrom papers 180, Engineering Model 168, UFT88 120, Evans Equations 113 (numerous Spanish), CEFE 79, UFT311 78, UFT321 78, Llais 45, UFT313 50, UFT314 38, UFT315 45, UFT316 49, UFT317 54, UFT318 56, UFT319 63, UFT320 47, UFT322 57, UFT323 47, UFT324 72, UFT325 75, UFT326 65, UFT327 14 to date in September 2015. Institute of Physics University of Sao Paolo Brazil UFT149(Sp); Pontifical Bolivarian University Colombia Antisymmetric Connection and Refutation of Einsteinian GR (Sp); geology University of Oviedo Spain F1(Sp); Dragana Campus Dimokritio University Thrace Greece Essay 24 Derivation of the Pauli Exclusion Principle from the Fermion Equation; Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN), Southern National Laboratory at Catania LCR resonant; Utrecht University Netherlands general. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for September 2015.

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