Book of Scientometrics Volume Two Updated to 28/9/15

As usual the book is updated on the last day of the month before a key file is overwritten. Up to 28th Sept. for alone there were 74,581 files downloaded, 21.56 gigabytes downloaded,10,704 distinct visits, 52,789 page views, 2,977 documents read from 85 countries, led by USA, Germany, Romania, Argentina, Mexico, Russian Federation, Britain, Italy, Japan, ……. From the Webometrics and THES top twenty universities in the world there were visits from: Harvard*, Penn State, Chicago*, Texas, Cambridge, Tokyo*, Berkeley, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, Texas A and M, Minnesota Twin Cities and ETH Zuerich (* denotes repeat visits as usual). As usual complete returns for September 2015 will be available in two or three days.


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