Daily Report 30/7/15

There were 2,690 files downloaded from 344 reading sessions or distinct visits. Main spiders baidu, google, MSN. Collection of 26 papers on the Evans / Morris effects 600(est), Barddoniaeth / Collected Poetry 361, Scientometrics 331, Autobiography 324, Proofs that no torsion means no gravitation thus refuting the Einsteinian general relativity 236, F3(Sp) 234, Eckardt / Lindstrom papers 227, Principles of ECE 186, Evans Equations 156 (numerous Spanish), Engineering Model 150, UFT88 126, UFT311 118, UFT321 83, UFT314 79, UFT318 77, UFT319 72, CEFE 65, UFT316 64, UFT317 64, UFT313 52, Llais 46, UFT320 38, UFT322 26, Energy Conference Report 20 in July 2015. University of Waterloo UFT43; INERCO Energy and Engineering Company Spain F11(Sp), Essay 72(Sp), “What on Earth is B(3)?” (Sp) by Simon Clifford translated by Alex Hill , Essay 35(Sp), 37(Sp), 38(Sp); French National Institute for Nuclear and Particle Physics UFT85; City University Hong Kong UFT Section and ECE Article by Horst Eckardt and Laurence Felker; Ruder Boskovic Institute Croatia UFT158; International Centre for Theoretical Physics Trieste UFT2; North American Development Bank ECE Theory of H Bonding; British Library general, intense interest all sectors, usage file attached for July 2015.

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