A Boxer and a Fighter (Simon and Garfunkel)

You have to be a fighter to overturn dogma entrenched in concrete, it seems that all the disgraceful misrepresentation of ECE has been relegated to Ogof Ffynnon Ddu, fifty yards from my grandfather’s house, “Y Grithig”, opposite Craig y Nos Castle – the cave of the black outflow, the deepest in Britain. The boxer of the family is Ffloyd Havard of Craig Cefn Parc, superfeatherweight to lightweight British champion. I don’t approve of boxing unless there is a headguard and strict medical supervision, just a metaphor. Track athletics is a healthy sport, and very best wishes to the athlete Dick Evans with whom I used to train in Aberystwyth. Gareth still trains with him. I could outsprint Dick Evans but over any distance he would disappear on the far horizon, from 3,000 metres steeplechase to marathon.

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You have deflected their blows and forced them into a corner. The fighting tradition lives on!!

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Subject: Evans / Morris Photograph

Many thanks, we also have www.upitec.org and www.atomicprecision.com, which are now duplicate sites owned by Sean MacLachlan. The Evans Morris papers are UFT 278-281, UFT 289- 291, UFT300, 304, 306-310, and UFT312 in English and Spanish. As you know they overturn dogma in several ways, and provide a rigorous new test of quantum theory, all based on the important experimental effects of G. J. Evans adn T. Morris, all recorded on this blog and in the national digital archives, www.webarchive.org.uk. They completely refute the Hawking theory, in fact all of Hawking’s theories are refuted by ECE.

Have sent the editors of this journal a bit more info.

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Thank you. The only references (web links) that should be added are to the AIAS website – where all the ECE theory papers are collected:


and to the website of colleagues who are manufacturing and developing spacetime energy devices:


For the information of the editors of your journal, attachments to this message demonstrate some of the simple new observations with light referred to in the commentary.

Photo 1 shows focused sunlight shifted to red light by extra virgin olive oil. It is the chlorophyll in the olive oil that shifts all the components of the white light to the red – to the frequency at which photosynthesis takes place (at around 680nm).

Attachment 2 – reproduced with the kind permission of Robert Fosbury from his flickr website:


shows laser light at three different wavelengths shifted by chlorophyll in olive oil to this 680nm absorption. Plants must shift the frequency of light in this way to improve the efficiency of absorption and possibly to protect cells from uv ionising radiation (that is also shifted to the red).

This red shift during photosynthesis can be seen from space on a global scale:


ECE theory explains these frequency shifts in a new way (papers 279, 280, 289,290, 300, 304, 306, 308, 309, 310 and 312 in the uft series of papers on the AIAS website). Light always undergoes a frequency shift when it interacts with matter. The chlorophyll shifts reported above, using the three lasers, are reproduced with the theory on the AIAS website.

This may offer a new explanation for the cosmological red shift that does not require relative motion and does not imply an expanding universe and big bang.

Photograph 2 shows ordinary white torch light shifted to red in the same way by the chlorophyll in olive oil.

These are changes in frequency right across the visible spectrum (from blue to red) . Similarly large shifts are observed in certain crystals.

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