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Discussion of 319(2)

June 28, 2015

The meticulous checking and inductive work Horst Eckardt and Douglas Lindstrom means that it is unlikely that there are any technical errors in the UFT papers, so that leaves people free to deal with concepts. This kind of work (ECE2) started with UFT313, which works torsion in to the second Bianchi identity, then UFT314 to UFT318 develop the new theory in vector format. This means that there are many new ideas and developments possible. The entire edifice of ECE and ECE2 is built directly on very solid rock – Cartan geometry, taught at all good universities such as Harvard, UCSB, Chicago and Caltech. Sean Carroll taught it at these universities to graduates. Imagination is the most important part of science. So ECE and ECE2 are a bit like “Ulysses” and “Finnegan’s Wake”, which are books that are densely packed with multiple meanings and metaphors, word inventions and so on, they are also long chains of ideas. “Dubliners” and “Portrait of the Artist as Young Man” are less densely packed, but are powerful stuff. All four books were banned in some countries for years, being dangerously truthful. The old physicists would also like to ban ECE and ECE2 completely, because they challenge them fundamentally and are uninhibited by dogma and peer pressure. When it comes to ECE and ECE2, Wikipedia has been thrown into the Liffey. Joyce’s protege the Nobel Laureate Samuel Becket developed the Joyceian method a lot further.

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Incisive questions as always by Horst. You seem to have broken into a sprint Myron leaving the rest of the field trailing. ECE is a great new advance – yet more clarity.

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The Newtonian Equivalence Principle

June 28, 2015

Many thanks, this was first derived in UFT141, but ECE2 provides a rigorous method of eliminating the tangent space indices, and bringing both torsion and curvature in to the theory. ECE and ECE2 make up a long chain of ideas and reasoning over more than thirteen years of development. My ancestral cousin John Aubrey attributed the discovery of the inverse square law to Robert Hooke as described in this blog (John Aubrey “Brief Lives”, a classic of literature consisting of short biographies, or brief lives). Hooke was Aubrey’s colleague at Oxford. According to Aubrey, Hooke gave the basic idea to Newton, but the latter used his powers of reasoning to develop the universal law of gravitation from 1665 to 1687. However it was Leibniz who first developed the correct orbital equation, in which Newtonian attraction is counter balanced by centrifugal repulsion. It is usually written in the textbooks that Newton inferred the inverse square law at his ancestral home of Woolsthorpe Manor in 1665, and spent the next twenty years developing the calculus needed to explain why the inverse square law gives an elliptical orbit. A recently discovered autograph manuscript by Robert Hooke has been evaluated at a million pounds. It is handwritten minutes of Royal Society meetings. First and second editions of the Principia by Newton are also very valuable. My Ph .D. supervisor Mansel Davies had a second edition which he showed me. It is written in Latin and does not use modern calculus at all. For non specialists it is exceedingly difficult to find where the Newton laws occur or how they are inferred. Similarly, Kepler is written in Latin and it is almost impossible to find where his three orbital laws occur. The best account is Koestler, “The Sleepwalkers” (online). The Hooke / Newton inverse square law explains the three orbital laws of Kepler but as is well known does not explain light bending by gravitation and so on. This has been explained in the x sub theory of ECE (2014) without using Einstein’s ideas at all. The aim now is to explain it using ECE2.

Fundamentally important of course. Now students of all ages can understand Newton properly for the first time – with no assumptions.

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Establishment of the NHS by Aneurin Bevan

June 28, 2015

There is a good documentary on this on youtube. It is probably the greatest social achievement of the twentieth century and was made in the teeth of bitter opposition by the British Medical Association and Churchill’s tory opposition. It is terminally evil of rich doctors to refuse to help very poor patients as they did in those days. Tens or hundreds of thousands died of curable disease. Aneurin Bevan was often subjected to the trolling attacks of his era, personal abuse, ethnic abuse and so on, and insults from his enemy Churchill. What is the point of fighting a war for Churchill if he let half the population die of curable disease? He impeded Bevan at every step, purely out of personal animosity. As so often with Churchill he let his judgement go to the dogs and Lloyd George would have reined him in sharply. His fellow coal miners Jim Griffiths and Tudor Watkins helped in the establishment of the NHS. We in Wales should ask ourselves whether we want to be governed by people like that. Far right tories, sick with ideology, who are prepared to destroy the NHS and put us back into poverty and squalor, to reintroduce diseases, malnutrition and misery while they themselves maintain a comfortable distance. Let there be no further delusion, the only way in which Wales can safeguard its humane and enlightened society is complete independence. There would be little or no defence expenditure, so everything could be poured into the creation of employment, health and social security, and above all education. Everyone in Wales should be educated in both languages, everyone in Wales must help the language survive, and create conditions for its survival – language nests or Broydd Iaith. The NHS started in Tredegar with a Council worker’s health service. For two old pennies a week they could get all kinds of medical treatment. There were 240 old pennies to the pound. So the Assembly should fight for more powers, in particular complete powers over taxation and the welfare state, which was essentially founded by David Lloyd George and Aneurin Bevan. The infinitely remote, far right tories are imposing needless hardship on the poorest sections of the community, and I would not be surprised to see a general strike before long. We see disabled people being forced to protest in the streets. This time a general strike cannot be crushed by the use of the military, and workers can no longer be forced back to work at gunpoint. Churchill was responsible for this in South Wales, were working conditions were atrocious, and that has never been forgotten. A few years ago all the Councils in Wales voted for banning the nuclear bomb in Wales, and the Assembly should press for a ban on nuclear power stations, re open the coal industry with emissions scrubbed clean of CO2 and methane, and use coal for a variety of exportable petrochemicals and polymeric products. It should start a water turbine industry and demolish all wind turbines

Arglwydd Glyn Tawe a Gw^yr

Updated List of Achievements

June 28, 2015

This is the updated list of achievements sent to the Royal Society and Milner Foundation, the ACS and ICTP. I was successfully nominated by the Royal Society of Chemistry and / or Royal Society for a Civil List Pension in 2005. Since then I have produced about two hundred and fifty papers and books, the career output of a typical full professor, from age 55 to 65. The key fact is that computerized scientometrics show for the first time in the history of science how a great paradigm shift makes its way around the world. The old physics is completely obsolete. After Joyce published “Dubliners”, the old literary style was obsolete, and after “Finnegan’s Wake” literature was never quite the same again. The term “quark” comes from “Ulysses”. Now quarks are themselves obsolete.


Nominations for the Royal Society Copley, Royal and Davy Medals

June 28, 2015

I wish to kindly thank the nominator and supporter for these nominations. The Royal Society has acknowledged receipt of the attached and the assessment is carried forward over three years. At this level there are many excellent candidates but none would have produced the totality of work over forty four years continuously recorded in the attached. This work is making a phenomenal impact (M. W. Evans, “Collected Scientometrics” (New Generation, London, 2015 at £8.99 and UFT307 on It is the equivalent of James Joyce in science – modernist, avant garde, sending shock waves of the new all over the world. James Joyce was banned in Ireland for many years, but now his autograph manuscripts at the National Library of Ireland are probably worth twenty to thirty million euro’s or more. This is why my work is valued at about five million pounds currently and is being offered on ebay. It has been described by Christie’s of London and New York as valuable and important work in both science and literature. My “Collected Poetry” is to be published shortly and “Autobiography Volume Two” has just been published as a softback by New Generation of London at £8.99. At this level, a nomination is as good as the award, (like an Oscar nomination). This is work produced from Wales by a native Welsh speaker of Mawr, with of course key input from the international colleagues, notably the leading small institute in the world, AIAS. This shows what we can do in Gw^yr (Gower), and in Wales, given the chance. Some regions of Wales are among the poorest in all Europe, and I think it needs to be fully independent and look after itself.

Arglwydd Glyn Tawe a Gw^yr.


The Definition of U in Note 319(2)

June 28, 2015

In the Newtonian limit:

U = m phi
g = – del phi
phi = – MG / r

g = – MG / r squared

and Newton defined:

F = mg = -mMG / r squared

Newton simply assumed this equivalence principle without proof, but it has been derived in ECE and now in ECE2. Newton assumed that the mass m in F = mg is the same as the mass m in F = – mMG / r squared. The reason for this is now known to be geometry from ECE and ECE2 theories. So this verifies the antisymmetry laws of ECE and ECE2 to many orders of magnitude, because the equivalence principle has been verified experimentally to many orders of magnitude, starting with Galileo (two different masses reach the ground at the same time). The reason for this is that the acceleration g of the earth is defined by the mass M of the earth and is independent of the masses of the test particles (or two stones of diffferent mass dropped to the ground). Apparently Galileo used inclined planes and did not drop stones from the leaning tower of Pisa. The antisymmetry laws of ECE and ECE2 completely change dynamics and electrodynamics and were introduced in UFT131 ff. by Eckardt, Lindstrom and myself.

So U is the potential energy of gravitational attraction in joules. The total energy is the hamiltonian:

H = E + U

In ECE theory there is a new minimal prescription:

p = mQ

which is the equivalent of the electrodynamical

p = eA

ECE2 is a theory of general relativity in which both torsion and curvature are correctly non zero. The Newtonain acceleration due to gravity g is augmented to:

g = – (2/m) (del U + partial p / partial t)

and equated to spin connection terms by antisymmetry. This gives rise to non Newtonian effects which can no longer be attributed to the incorrect Einsteinian theory. ECE2 gives the conditions for counter gravitation and counter gravitational devices have already been designed by AIAS / UPITEC in cooperation with Alex Hill (,, Note 319(2) is the simplest theory to date of counter gravitation. The antisymmetry laws of ECE were introduced in UFT131 ff. and completely change electrodynamics and dynamics. They can be used to derive the Newtonian equivalence principle:

F = mg = – mMG / r squared

from geometry. They explain why m is the same in the two left hand sides of the above equation, which has been verified experimentally to many orders of magnitude, starting with Galileo.

Discussion of 319(2)

June 28, 2015

Agreed that Eq. (1) is based on antisymmetry. This note introduces the minimal prescription (4) – (6) so U symbolizes energy in general. There are new concepts in the note which will be used later in the development of ECE2 theory to give all the results currently attributed to Einsteinian general relativity. The three cases are just examples or limits of the general theory, Eq. (7). It can be seen that eq. (7) is more general than the Newtonian

g = – del phi

so Eq. (7) can describe non Newtonian effects such as light bending, anomalous precession, and the velocity curve of a whirlpool galaxy. Eq. (8) is the condition under which Eq. (7) can be reduced to the format of the Newtonian theory, the equation above. This results in Eq. (11). The Newtonian limit is equivalent to. (12) and (13). The quantum theory is introduced and it leads to the anticommutator equation (27). The familiar Newtonian equation F = mg is developed in to Eq. (34) and the spin connection and tetrad in the Newtonian limit defined by Eqs. (38) and (39). The equations (16) and (17) are derived as you describe and agreed that there should be a factor 2 on the right hand side of Eqs. (14) and (15), To derive Eq. (25) use Eq. (8) and (24). Eq. (25) is an operator equation and takes the format of Eq. (26). In Ryder’s “Quantum Field Theory” the method is sketched of deriving the Pauli exclusion principle from the anticommutator in quantum field theory. The whole of the development of this note can be used for electrodynamics. Agreed about eq. (31). It is more general than an Euler Bernoullli equation and del p occurs in fluid dynamics and aerodynamics. In Eqs. (35) and (36) p is changed into omega using eq. (23), and 2i h bar cancels out either side. This leads to the derivation of the tetrad and spin connection in the Newtonian limit, Eqs. (38) and (39). Agreed about Eq (43). This entire set of equations can also be used in electrodynamics and for the nuclear weak and strong fields. So counter gravitation in this theory is given by:

U omega bold > – c omega sub 0 p bold

This is a very simple condition.

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I have a lot of questions concerning this note:
The beginning of this note is a bit confusing for me. You consider 3 cases of g, potentials and spin connections:
– ECE2
– ECE2 with antisymmetry conditions
– Newtonian case

It would be easier to understand if you used different symbols for each case, for example U, U_ant, U_Newton etc. You did this partially with the phi potential.

Is the second equality sign in eq. 1 correct? I assume you mean g with antisymm. conditions, then it is. To change p in to omega use eq. (23) and 2i h bar cancels either side. Agreed about Eq. (43).

The approaches (14,15) seem to require an additional factor of 2, a typo.

Where do eqs. 16-17 come from? Obviously you insert (14,15) into (12,13). Then (16,17) hold for the Newtonian limit.

How exactly did you derive eq.(25)?
The connection to quantum physics is interesting.

Eq.(31) reminds to fluid dynamics. Q seems to be interpretable as a velocity potential and has indeed physical dimensions of m/s.

Eqs.(35,36): How did you change g into p and omega?

Eq.(43): should it read:
– U omega > c omega_0 p ?

Am 27.06.2015 um 15:14 schrieb EMyrone:

This note uses the antisymmetry eq. (1) of ECE2 to find several new equations of ECE2 gravitation. The Newtonian limit of ECE2 is well defined by Eqs. (8), (12) and (13). These equations lead to a new anticommutator equation of quantum gravity, Eq. (27) in the Newtonian limit. This equation becomes non Newtonian if its right hand side is non zero. This is interesting because in quantum field theory the anticommutator is the origin of the Pauli exclusion principle. The famous force is mass times acceleration of the Newtonian limit is extended in ECE2 to Eq. (34). The spin conenction vector and the tetrad vector of the Newtonian limit of ECE2 are given by Eqs. (38) and (39). Non Newtonian effects of ECE2 are described by Eqs. (40) and (41), zero ECE2 gravitation by Eq. (42) and repulsive ECE2 counter gravitation by Eq. (43). These results are much simpler and more powerful than UFT318, which should be regarded as a transitional paper to UFT319. We now have a clear idea of how to engineer counter gravitation. Great progress has been made from the early attempts of ten or eleven years ago.

FOR POSTING: Section 3 of UFT318

June 28, 2015

This is an excellent section as usual and co author Horst Eckardt introduces the condition needed to obtain an Euler Bernoulli resonance structure and graphs the results from the model. This is one of the first applications of the ECE2 theory. There is only one small typo it should be “Aharonov” in the heading.

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Subj: Paper 318,3

This is part 3 of the paper with some model calculations.



Dealing with Harassers

June 27, 2015

To Mr Byron Davies M. P. Gower It is up to the police of course to find the hate blog harassers, you have plenty of clues and leads by now and something must be done about trolls. I would like them prosectued to the full extent of the law, and probably, so does Rt. Hon. Alun Michael, a former Minister as you know. Ioan Richard and Phil Owen are two know harassers and are not above the law. Scientists worldwide have been totally ignoring the hate blog for two or three years, we know this from our famous scientometrics (UFT307 on and a book I have just published). Ioan has harassed me for years in many strange ways, for example he wrote to the publishers of volume one of my autobiography, and the hate blog has e mailed everyone, including my Norman ancestor Payne de Turbeville, known as y cythrael, the devil himself, all with no effect. They bounced off the Treasury when they tried to get my Civil List Pension removed. My distant cousin Elizabeth II would not have been amused if she heard of it. The Civil List Pension is a high honour and Crown and Parliament must not be brought into contempt. Of course no one would bother her with the rantings of a demented troll. The point is that trolls are common criminals, and are not above the law. I have been politically critical of Ioan for years, when he committed the common assault on me I just asked him in Welsh if he was feeling well. The middle of the road seems to be the only place in which he can try to debate. He drew his mobile immediately and threatened to report me to the police because I was carrying a small walking stick which I use to fend off dogs which people never seem to be able to control around here. I have not seen him since, neither has any one else as far as I know. I am all in favour of getting rid of turbines and bringing employment to Mawr. I have plans to invest in the real Welsh speaking Mawr via my Newlands Family Trust. This can only happen when Ioan finally retires (he is now 71 with a bad heart) or is voted out, and when Phil Owen resigns or is politely asked to leave. I am a fluent Welsh speaker, was born in this house, and know the real people of Mawr better than anyone. These include real Welsh speaking coal miners. Scientists worldwide will now realize that this boring hate blog is written by a few local hicks with an infinite grudge to grind. Their knowledge of my work is zero, unlike the rest of the world by the millions, literally. As in the Gospel accordyng to Mark, a man be not a prophet in his own country. Nid yw dyn yn broffwyd yn ei wlad ei hun. Finally it would surely not be beyond human ingenuity to put down double yellow lines ten metres either side of the junction of Mountain and Rhyddwen Road Craig Cefn Parc, and opposite the junction. This would instantly stop dangerous, irresponsible parking, and harassment by people who park in my parking space and directly on the junction, certainly within ten metres (about thirty three feet). It is an offence to park wihin ten metres of a junction and directly opposite a junction. It is an offence to obstruct a pavement. There should be double yellow lines on all junctions in Mawr and throughout your constituency, and cars should be stopped from parking on pavements, full stop. I have discussed all these matters at length with Elizabeth Evans, the Labour candiate for Gower in the last election and these are cross party issues on which there is cross party agreement. She agreed with me that turbines should be demolished, going against the Labour party line, and agreed about all my points on law and order. Ioan Richard has done nothing in forty years about double yellow lines, and was totally ineffective in fighting turbines. We are all from Gw^yr here and all detest wind turbines and trolls alike, like the devil himself. Arglwydd Glyn Tawe a Gw^yr My chosen armigerous title of Lord of Glyn Tawe and Gw^yr. cc Alun Michael, Police Commissioner for Wales .

Comments and Corrigenda for paper 318 by Horst Eckardt

June 27, 2015

Many thanks, I agree with all these comments, and the corrigenda can be read off this blog as usual and incorporated by Alex Hill in the translation. It will be very interesting to see the graphics and numerical results of UFT318 Section 3. I think that there is already a video of counter gravitational effects on www.et3m and

Subj: Comments for paper 318

Some hints and comments:
1. In eq.(73) a parenthesis is missing, see eq.(36) of note 6.

2. In eq.(79) g was defined with a sign-reversed spin connection,
compared to (54). You consider a negative spin connection, but the
equation should not be altered. Eq. (80) is affected too.

3. According to (68, 71), there has been defined a sign reversal between
the cos factor and rho_m, therefore in (76,77) a minus sign should
appear in front of rho_e.

4. The “photons” of the ECE2 vacuum are no ordinary photons because the
e-m fields are zero, perhaps they should be called “longitudinal photons”.