Reading of UFT2 from Bryn Mawr College

The town of Bryn Mawr in Lower Merion Pennsylvania was founded by William Ellis in the 1680’s on land granted by William Penn. Ellis’s former home had been “Bryn Mawr” near Dolgellau. Bryn Mawr College was founded in the late nineteenth century and named after the town in the Welsh Tract of Pennsylvania. Its first President was James Evans Rhoads and it was founded by Crynwyr (Quakers, The Religious Society of Friends, who are, or ought to be, pacifists). Faculty included President Woodrow Wilson and Emmy Noether, of Noether’s Theorem (1933 – 1935). Katharine Hepburn, the actress, was a graduate. Max Born, Hermann Weyl and Emmy Noether were dismissed from the University of Goettingen by the trolls of their time. The trolls of our time are no different. Albert Einstein and Hermann Weyl obtained positions at the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study and the Rockefeller Foundation gave a grant to Bryn Mawr College to invite Dr. Noether on to the faculty. Emmy Noether was a supporter of the Russian Revolution, and once laughed at a troll who turned up to class in an S. A. uniform. Sadly, she died in 1935 of cancer, and is buried under the walkway surrounding the cloisters of Bryn Mawr College. The Noether Theorem was developed after the famous 1915 conference at the famous University of Goettingen which led Einstein to use the old torsionless second Bianchi Identity of 1902. ECE is a correction of this great work. One stands on the shoulders of giants. There have been very many study visits to from Goettingen and many distinguished Universities throughout contemporary, democratic, Germany. In fact ECE is very heavily studied in Germany both from the site and from the blog.

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