Light Bending by Gravitation in ECE2

The background papers to this subject are UFT216 and UFT261, In the Newtonian view the angle of deflection is

2 psi = 2 MG / (Rsub 0 c squared) = – Phi (r = R0) / c squared.

If Phi is doubled the correct experimental result is obtained. This is precisely what happens in ECE2 (Eqs. (7) and (8) of note 319(2)). This would immediately explain light deflection due to gravitation. Note carefully that ECE2 is generally covariant, while Newton is classical and non relativistic (Newton is not a theory of general relativity while ECE2 is part of a generally covariant unified field theory). So the velocity v can approach c in ECE2 without any conceptual contradiction. Classically, v cannot approach c because in a classical theory the Lorentz factor is missing.

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