Comments and Corrigenda for paper 318 by Horst Eckardt

Many thanks, I agree with all these comments, and the corrigenda can be read off this blog as usual and incorporated by Alex Hill in the translation. It will be very interesting to see the graphics and numerical results of UFT318 Section 3. I think that there is already a video of counter gravitational effects on www.et3m and

Subj: Comments for paper 318

Some hints and comments:
1. In eq.(73) a parenthesis is missing, see eq.(36) of note 6.

2. In eq.(79) g was defined with a sign-reversed spin connection,
compared to (54). You consider a negative spin connection, but the
equation should not be altered. Eq. (80) is affected too.

3. According to (68, 71), there has been defined a sign reversal between
the cos factor and rho_m, therefore in (76,77) a minus sign should
appear in front of rho_e.

4. The “photons” of the ECE2 vacuum are no ordinary photons because the
e-m fields are zero, perhaps they should be called “longitudinal photons”.


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