UFT88 read at Maths., National Tsing Hua University Taiwan

This month, May 2015, the renowned UFT88 by M. W. Evans and H. Eckardt has been read a record 240 times around the world, an annual rate of 3,194 times. It has recently been developed in UFT313 – UFT315, just posted and already being read 1,749 times a year. These already classic papers correct the 1902 second Bianchi identity for torsion. Einsteinian general relativity was based directly on the incorrect 1902 second Bianchi identity almost exactly a hundred years ago in the summer of 1915 at a Goettingen University conference. These papers, 88, 112 and 313 – 315, are technically very difficult, like a late Beethoven piano sonata such as Opus 111, but the interest in them shows without further doubt that the Einsteinain era has been wholly rejected at about the same time as the dogmatists are celebrating the centennial of the Nov. 1915 field equation, boring us all with propaganda. In fact this equation was immediately rejected or criticized by leading thinkers of the time such as Schwarzschild, Bauer, Schroedinger, Levi Civita and many others down the century. Now we know why. UFT88, 112, 255, and 313 – 315 show that torsion must be considered in the second Bianchi identity, which becomes the Jacobi Cartan Evans (JCE) identity of UFT313, developed in UFT314 and UFT315 just posted. Horst, Doug and I are now working on UFT316. The definitive proofs that null torsion leads to the disappearance of gravitation are being read currently at a rate of 3,021 times a year, again a record high. That hardly gives cause for dogmatic celebration, quite the opposite. The dogmatism sounds like a fizzle, a dud firework. National Tsing Hua University was founded in Beijing in 1911 and re founded in Tsingchu in 1956. It is ranked 205 by webometrics and 226 – 250 by THES, so is a world ranking university. It has 12,400 students. It has many cooperative programmes with Tsing Hua University in Beijing. Staff and students from Tsing Hua have studied ECE theory many times over eleven years.

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