Disability Allowance Grade Three

The Government supplied me with a permanent grade three disability allowance for MSD, because it considers that it can never be completely cured because of permanent damage to the hippocampus. I am advised medically not to travel too far. However I can travel and drive around. My wife and I went to see my distant cousin at Buckingham Palace and that was a pleasant occasion.They really do serve cucumber sandwiches. The disability allowance is about £900 pounds a year, £250 pounds a year fuel allowance, and a £10 Christmas bonus. My Civil List Pension is £2,400 pounds a year. Let us hope the present Government will not cut this Christmas bonus to £5. That would make Scrouge look like a benefactor of humanity. This is not the way to treat your best scientists, but I have always had to look after myself. Merit is certainly not awarded unless one constructs a system oneself. Then one sees the vast international interest in one’s work and life. One is certainly not a prophet in one’s own back yard, St. Mark was quite right, but I am immensely pleased and proud of the EDCL group and its achievements, and also of course AIAS today. These are achievements in my own back yard. In one sense the EDCL group just transferred and continued to do world class work, for no pay of course. I worked without pay for more than half my life in order to practice science. With a society like this who needs the flood? This means major reform please, not depression.

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