Book of Scientometrics Volume Two Updated to 29/5/15

This is volume two updated to 29/5/15 on the last day of the month as usual. Two more days of feedback are due for May, and the final totals will be calculated as usual. The scientometrics are well known throughout the world and very popular, the first volume has just been published as a softback with New Generation of London (details on the site and blog, including links to Amazon). They indicate complete acceptance of ECE among bona fide professionals and a complete rejection of standard physics: dogma, teaching methods, refereeing and funding systems, the whole lot. This is a bit like van Gogh, Rodin or Stravinky’s “Right of Spring”, which caused a riot when it was first performed in Paris, or the ridiculous suggestion that the earth goes around the sun, or Jackson Pollock’s random paint throwing. All good stuff.



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