Preparing “Principles of ECE Theory”

Many thanks once more, as long as there is steady progress there is no particular hurry. It is already a very successful book open source and your additional sections (with Douglas Lindstrom and Stephen Crothers) will greatly add to its impact.

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I will ask the colleagues who promised to contribute to the tpyesetting about their time frames.
Will add also some selected parts to the chapters with graphics/tables when typesetting is done.


Am 30.05.2015 um 07:36 schrieb EMyrone:

This is UFT281 to UFT288 and is again an open source “best reader”. It is currently being read 1,784 times a year. It should be finished and typeset, and a few copies published and prepared in softback. It is obvious that the colleagues worldwide can easily read my handwriting and that of Alex Hill in the translations, and in many ways handwritten equations and symbols are preferred to typesetting to ensure scientific accuracy. In the past, authors were forced to prepare typeset manuscripts so that publishers could maximize their own profits. That era is now long gone. The big publishers cannot do anywhere near as well as AIAS publishing. However, a lot of people feel that the “Principles of ECE” should be typeset. We must do this ourselves to ensure maximum accuracy. So in my opionion we must construct a timetable for regular work on the book in order to finish it. The planned textbooks on ECE can be combined with this monograph for maximum efficiency. We are making significant progress in reducing the theory to vector format. Engineers should be able to use this vector theory and indeed it has been used in UFT311. The latter is an important paper and is already a “best reader”.

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