Book of Scientometrics Volume Two Updated to 28/4/15

Up to 28/4/15 for there were 79,422 hits, 12,780 distinct visits, 57,238 page views, 15.22 gigabytes downloaded from 99 countries, led by USA, Germany, Luxembourg, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Mexico, Italy, Japan, Czechia, Australia, Netherlands, Indonesia, France, China, Argentina, Brazil, Switzerland, Colombia, Britain, …… There was the usual very high quality of university visits, using the Webometrics and THES lists of the top twenty universities in the world there were visits from: Columbia, MIT, Harvard, Princeton, Chicago, Texas A and M, Texas Austin, Wisconsin Madison, Cambridge*, Oxford, Imperial, ETH and Tokyo. Complete returns will be in shortly. These will be added to returns from and as usual. Another superb performance and congratulations to AIAS staff! This completes eleven years of daily recording (30th April 2004 to 30th April 2015). By now it is clear to all that ECE is the avant garde physics of the early twenty first century.


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