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The Hyper-relativistic Paradox

March 28, 2015

This is clear from the expression for total energy E = gamma m0 c squared, where gamma = 1 (1 – (v/c) squared) power half, the Lorentz factor. here m0 is the rest mass of the particle. For any relativistic particle, including the photon with rest mass m0, E goes to infinity as v goes to c unless m0 is zero. This is usually arm waved away by stating that a particle that moves at c must have zero mass, and that is the photon. No other particle can ever move at c. However it is clear to any O level pupil that refractive index n = c / v, and photons travel at v in matter. So photons have mass. The mass does not magically appear in matter and disappear again as soon as light leaves the material. Photon mass has actually been inferred since ancient times. Newton inferred it in his corpuscular theory of light, and Poincare inferred it in 1905 when he thought of a photon in the same way as any other relativistic particle. The de Broglie wave particle dualism was actually based on photon mass. The existence of photon mass was confirmed by my late 1991 discovery of the B(3) field of non linear optics. This is easily observed through the static magnetization of the inverse Faraday effect, and longitudinal, whereas a massless photon produces only transverse modes of radiation and the flat, unphysical, E(2) little group of the Poincare group. The physical little group is O(3) of the photon with mass, and not E(2) of the massless photon. Even Ryder admits that he does not understand E(2). For Ryder to admit anything is a very rare happening. He is still trying to ignore UFT225. Teh Euclidean E(2) little group is a flat group in three dimensional space, meaning that space is flat. This is news to most of us unless we have sailed of the edge of the world, ship’s biscuit weavels and all. Photon mass and B(3) makes a weavel’s breakfast of the old standard physics. Which is the lesser of two weavels, B(3) or photon mass? Maxwell Heaviside is based on special relativity, and runs into many difficulties. Only electrical engineers think that MH is perfection. With the appearance of UFT311 it has spectacularly disintegrated – again. It has disintegrated since 1992 many many times and probably before that, many many times.

Distribution of UFT310

March 28, 2015

I will complete this paper and distribute it tomorrow. It reports many new advances including the following.

1) Measurement of photon rest mass m0 from tiny deviations form the Stefan Boltzmann law.
2) Measurement of photon rest mass from the flux density and frequency of a laser. This would have to be an exceedingly accurate experiment because m0 is so small.
3) Explanation of missing mass in the universe as being made up of moving photons with mass m = gamma m0 from the background black body radiation at 2.7 K. There is no need for “dark matter” and this is clear.
4) Derivation of a Beer Lambert law for photon mass.
5) Summary table of all previous UFT derivations of moving photon mass m.
6) Estimate of photon rest mass m0 from ELF experiments (extremely low frequencies observed to go down to 3 Hz, giving a photon rest mass of about 2 ten power ten minus fifty from the de Broglie equation). The mass m of moving photons as observed in the UFT papers can be orders of magnitude higher, so what is being observed in the UFT papers is m = gamma m0.
7) Planck distribution for the electron gas.
8) Other advances.

Photon Rest Mass from the Stefan Boltzmann Law

March 28, 2015

I am writing up UFT310 and should emphazise that one of it smain results is that the photon rest mass can be found from any deviation from the Stefan Boltzmann law for black body radiation of all frequencies. Testing the Stefan Boltzmann law has been going on in standards laboratories for well over a century. In a monochromatic beam the photon rest mass is found from measuring the flux density and frequency. This is a cleaner experiment. The photon rest mass is very small, less than about ten power minus 55 kilograms, so these will have to be very accurate experiments under rigorously controlled conditions. The mass m of a photon moving at v is order of magnitude higher than the rest mass. This is another important point made in UFT310. Here:

m / m0 = gamma

obeys a Beer Lambert law, another conclusion of UFT310.

LENR Replicated by Parkhomov

March 28, 2015

This is also a very important result, and many thanks to Steve Bannister. UFT226 ff. give a plausible explanation for low energy nuclear reactions, (LENR), with conservation of energy. The spin connection resonance theory also conserves total energy. In both cases energy is transferred from the ECE vacuum to devices. The ECE vacuum is defined comprehensively in the UFT papers and particularly in UFT292 to UIFT299, the Eckardt / Lindstrom papers. The early work on spin connection resonance has been extensively developed in more than two hundred and fifty papers and books, from UFT52 to UFT311, all swimming against the tide of received opinion, deeply cemented in Maxwell Heaviside. Electrical engineers tend to be ultra conservative, so acceptance of UFT311 is particularly significant. Its experimental results have already been given in a good quality conference, and, crucially important, its circuit design was made known. From UFT52 onwards to UFT107 I was working without any circuit data at all. Tesla tended to be secretive, and none of his patents give the needed extra energy. This is another milestone of UFT311. It is well known that these spacetime devices work ( and and are actually being sold routinely to industry, but this is the first time that results from a well defined circuit have been compared with ECE theory as developed extensively as described. To understand LENR also needs a leap of imagination – to go outside the standard model.

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Subj: Great days!

Horst, your work looks like a brilliant result, still digesting it.

Further, here is a link to a report translation of a very recent Alexander Parkhomov replication of the Rossi “Lugano” experiment. Parkhomov has now had several successes, and is completely “open science” about them. These are important results.

Between AIAS and UPITEC results and these experiments, this is shaping up to be a great year for science and humanity.

Very best,


UFT311: Energy from Spacetime Shown to be Feasible

March 28, 2015

Agreed with Dr. Douglas Lindstrom, retired from the Canadian Government, and who has many years of experience of assessing devices and claims. The Eckardt / Lindstrom papers (UFT292 to UFT299) are currently being read at the rate of 2,400 times a year and are a development of ECE theory to deal with vacuum effects and reduction of ECE to Maxwell Heaviside, among many other interesting things. This work started with the introduction of spin connection resonance in UFT52 back in about 2005, and has culminated in a clear understanding of how to design circuits to obtain unlimited and clean energy from spacetime. The Maxwell Heaviside theory has clearly been superceded by ECE theory, as has the Einstein theory. This is the first time in a hundred years that this has been tested with the Baconian method. So many congratulations to all concerned!

​Horst, Kurt
Excellent work. Figures 5 and 6 are most exciting. I have just gotten home after an extended stay in the southern part of the U.S. and have internet connection and what do I see? – I think the most exciting news of the year. You have provided experimental confirmation that we are on the correct path analytically. The question of the possibility of ground state energy extraction (to distinguish it from quantum zero point and quantum vacuum state) now seems feasible from a calculation standpoint.
Again, good work
Doug Lindstrom

On Fri, Mar 27, 2015 at 3:08 AM, Horst Eckardt <mail> wrote:

I finished a paper with my Munich colleague Kurt Arenhold who could verify the experimental results of Osamu Ide as already reported. In the paper these results can be explained by a parametrized model of ECE theory quite exactly. It is also a great validation of the Eckardt/Lindstrom papers indicating that non-standard effects in electromagnetism are to be expected where e-m fields behave in an non-steady way.
Can we put this as paper 311 on the AIAS web site? I agreed with Osamu Ide that it is uploaded on 28th March. He gives his talk at the ACS conference today and his three papers will be published in the proceedings.


UFT88 Read at the University of Auckland New Zealand

March 28, 2015

The University of Auckland is currently ranked 198 by webometrics and 175 by THES so is a world ranking university. It has about thirty three thousand students and was established in 1883 as part of the University of New Zealand. It started in a disused courthouse and jail, with 95 students and four members of staff. UFT88 is being intensely studied around the world as the frequent postings on this blog show. It was the first paper to consider the effect of torsion on the torsionless second Bianchi identity used by Einstein as the foundation of his 1915 field equation. Its final form is Eq. (105) of UFT255 reviewed in UFT281. UFT88 should be read with UFT99 on the commutator method of deriving the torsion and curvature and the five definitive proofs. UFT99 is equivalent to deriving the Maurer Cartan structure equations with the antisymmetric commutator acting on any tensor in any space of any dimension. This procedure always gives torsion as well as curvature. The method shows immediately that the connection is antisymmetric and this immediately refutes the Einstein field equation. Together, these papers and proofs entirely refute the Einstein theory, which has been replaced by the Engineering Model (UFT303) and the x theory of 2014. These paper and proofs are alone sufficient to refute the bizarre mythology of big bang, black holes and the entire twentieth century in general relativity. This happening is Prof. Alwyn van der Merwe’s Post Einstein Paradigm Shift which is clearly sweeping the world of science – ECE unified field theory named after Einstein, Cartan and myself. This is the first time that UFT88 has been read in jail.

Daily Report 26/3/15

March 28, 2015

There were 2,404 hits or files downloaded from 485 distinct visits or reading sessions, main spiders from baidu, gogle, MSN, yandex and yahoo. Evans / Morris papers 423, F3(Sp) 309, Auto1 307, Auto2 134, Eckardt / Lindstrom papers 200, Book of Scientometrics 169, Principles of ECE Theory 169, Evans Equations 142 (numerous Spanish), UFT88 124, Engineering Model 108, CEFE 77, Englynion 65 (second book of peotry), Llais 49, Autobiography Sonnets (first book of poetry) 25 to date in March 2015. Institute for Microelectronics Technical University of Vienna extensive; University of Western Australia UFT2; University of Quebec Trois Rivieres UFT309, Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation (UFT301); University of Chile UFT137(Sp); University of Santiago de Compostela Spain First definitive proof that null torsion means no gravitation and refutation of Einsteinian general relativity; University of Helsinki Finland UFT244; University of Poitiers extensive; Materials Research institute National Autonomous University of Mexico UFT166(Sp); University of Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia general; University of Auckland New Zealand UFT88; edu system Pakistan Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation (UFT301); City of Odessa Ukraine general; University of Cambridge Essay on Light Deflection by Gravitation. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for March 2015.

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Visit from The Vatican City

March 27, 2015

An excellent opportunity for ecumenical advance. I was once invited to lecture at Castel Gandolfo, the summer residence. As in the post of 18/1/15 the first Bishop of Rome was St Lleyn ap Caradog (Pope St. Linus the Martyr), born about 29 A. D., brother of my direct ancestor Cyllin ap Caradog and of St. Eurgain ferch Caradog, who founded the first Christian settlement in all Britain and Ireland near Bangor Tewdos in about 50 A. D. About three hundred years later it became Llan Illtud Fawr (Lllantwit Major) near Cardiff, a large university. Among the students the were St. David (Dewi Sant ap Sandde) and St Patrick (Padrig Sant ap Mowon). Caradog and his family were influenced directly by St. Paul, so go back to those times two thousand years ago that has had such a great influence. Whether or not they are historical facts is debated, but the influence is without doubt and something momentous happened in the far off East. I am an agnostic from the Greek for “not knowing”, but I have the greatest respect for genuine piety and peaceful traditions. The present Pope comes from South America. Again there have been visits to the blog and site from all the countries of mainland South America, indeed all the mainland America’s and more or less all the Caribbean islands. Science and literature and art and music bring all Peoples together. This is of key importance in facing the coming fuel shortage. Shortly there will have to be car and fuel rationing. The tories here are shortly going to drop wind subsidies, so there will be a lot of junk to clean up. Wind turbines were always of course completely useless and I think they should be demolished. We travel on the wind from the sublime to the ridiculous, from the simplicity and beauty of the early first century to the chaos of today.

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The Pope has seen the light!

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Latest Blog Stats

March 27, 2015

There have been readings of the blog since Feb. 25th 2012 from 179 countries, and since 1st Jan 2010 there have been 313,662 readings. So there have been well over half a million readings since the blog started. The only major countries not to have visited the blog are Iran and Iceland, but there have been many visits to the site from both countries. So it is safe to say that people from all the countries in the world, 196 in all, have visited the site or blog. There have now been visits from all the countries in Europe, the latest being The Vatican City.

Discussion of ECE Validation

March 27, 2015

This circuit equation looks very interesting and is precisely what is needed so that a device can be computer simulated and manufactured on the basis of ECE theory. Then a company could be formed with experienced directors. There would be a device or devices to sell. This is the economic principle of division of labour – find out who is most expert at any given job.

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Subj: Re: FOR POSTING as UFT311: ECE theory validated by the Isamu Experiment

Many thanks, Myron and Gareth. I am trying to develop the ECE result into a circuit equation with an additional term. Maybe this simplifies application for future experiments.


Am 27.03.2015 um 13:34 schrieb garethjohnevans:

This is excellent – a well conducted experiment. The agreement in figures 5 and 6 is very pleasing for ECE theory and confirms the significance and precision of the experimentation. Congratulations to Horst and Kurt on a great experiment and analysis and well done Myron. ECE theory progresses in many directions now producing fundamentally important and useful results.

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Subject: FOR POSTING as UFT311: ECE theory validated by the Isamu Experiment

This is a historic result for electrical engineering and congratulations to all concerned after so many years of hard work. Of course it can be posted as UFT311 and I am sure it will attract a great deal of interest. There is a lot of interest building up in the Eckardt / Lindstrom papers which develop ECE theory from the early papers on spin connection resonance. The graphs are remarkable, and both the experimental and theoretical work is excellent. So now we have a working device which can be understood exactly with ECE theory, which is preferred to the Maxwell Heaviside theory, a major advance in knowledge.

Sent: 27/03/2015 10:08:58 GMT Standard Time
Subj: Paper on Isamu Ide experiment: ECE theory validated

I finished a paper with my Munich colleague Kurt Arenhold who could
verify the experimental results of Osamu Ide as already reported. In the
paper these results can be explained by a parametrized model of ECE
theory quite exactly. It is also a great validation of the
Eckardt/Lindstrom papers indicating that non-standard effects in
electromagnetism are to be expected where e-m fields behave in an
non-steady way.
Can we put this as paper 311 on the AIAS web site? I agreed with Osamu
Ide that it is uploaded on 28th March. He gives his talk at the ACS
conference today and his three papers will be published in the proceedings.