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The Cartan geometry upon which ECE is based is very elegant, like Baroque music, but is difficult and abstract, like a triple fugue. However it has been reduced to the vector notation of electrical engineers in papers of the UFT series, and the results are summarized in The Engineering Model, UFT303, collected together by Dr. Horst Eckardt. The latter and Doug Lindstrom are the scholars with the best knowledge of the mathematics of ECE, and so have been able to apply it and develop it themselves in UFT292 to UFT299. There are probably a hundred thousand or more scientists and engineers with varying grasp of ECE theory, from complete knowledge to the general reader.

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Dear Dr. Evans,

Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately it looks difficult to understand ECE theory.

I will try to read the paper of Dr. Eckardt and Dr. Lindstrom little by little.

During in University, I had been engaged in listening to Baroque and the Early music and making Vacuum-tube Amplifier to do it.

Exactly not studying physics and mathematics well.

That’s why it is difficult to understand ECE.

My dream is to change this world much beautiful just like as Baroque music world.

Only energy from space time could do it, I believe.


Osamu Ide

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