Major Problems for CERN

This is a very good summary by Dr. Gareth Evans. CERN faces major problems in that its unified field theory has been entirely refuted. Among the main refutations are those listed as follows.

1) Its SU(2) sector has been entirely refuted in UFT225, using computer algebra to check the calculations. This paper has been read a few thousand times without a single objection off and was sent to CERN. It has been unable or unwilling to reply in about three years, and tried to cover up the paper.
2) The B(3) field refutes its U(1) sector, which depends on zero photon mass. This has been known since 1992.
3) Its SU(3) sector is under heavy international criticism for wild over use of adjustables. ECE introduces an entirely new theory of the weak and strong nuclear forces unified with electromagnetism and gravitation.
4) In general there are far too many adjustables for a meaningful theory of science. This is a fatal weakness of the old physics – the standard model. It is nearly meaningless because of these adjustables and unknowables, quantities that cannot be measured experimentally, violating the basics of natural philosophy.
5) CERN does not usually deal with gravitation, and is behind ECE in this respect, and the Einsteinian theory of gravitation is entirely incorrect. It has been replaced by ECE theory at no cost to the taxpayer.
6) CERN’s claims to have detected a Higgs boson are very controversial, and being met with deep scepticism by that part of the international community of scientists not involved with CERN, and with no conflict of interest. The Nobel Prize seems to have been awarded to justify continued funding. It was obviously pushed through and awarded in error. So the Royal Swedish Academy is coming under sustained criticism for ignoring genuinely new work.
7) The existence of photon mass entirely refutes the main idea of the Higgs mechanism, that initially massless particles acquire mass. It has become clear that there are no initially massless particles.
8) UFT311 provides definitive evidence for a generally covariant electrodynamics, and refutes the U(1) sector as well as providing excellent agreement between theory and experiment, confirmng the existence of energy from the ECE vacuum using a generally covariant unified field theory far simpler and much more powerful than the failed standard model – ECE theory. There is a feeling that a tiny and ageing establishment is leaning over backwards not to recognize ECE theory.
9) Many other criticisms and refutations.

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The Higgs boson results in a rest photon mass 26 orders of magnitude too heavy and in the uv (and even though it is actually set to zero in the Standard Model).

So, there should be no visible spectrum, no infrared, no microwaves, no radiowaves. Hence, modern communications are not possible, there are no visible colours, there is no photosynthesis and there can be no life on earth.

The Standard Model has resulted in wasted money (billions of dollars) and wasted talent. Some great scientists are caught up in this mess, entrenched in the dogma and unable, or unwilling, to look outside the box.

The glaring mistakes are obvious to all when reduced to simple terms like this.

Well done Myron. Your conclusions in uft 225 are fully vindicated.

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