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This is indeed very interesting, and gives several opportunities for experimental testing with a monochromatic beam such as a laser or a microwave / RF source. Teh broad band or polychromatci results are also very interesting. I think that this type of work is incisive because the long accepted fundamentals are being changed. In great contrast to CERN there are no adjustables at all. As usual this section 3 is very well thought out and prepared by co author Dr Horst Eckardt. I will try to think of a combination of experiments that would give the moving mass of the photon, m = gamma m0, and the photon velocity, so gamma can be determined experimentally. That would give a way of measuring the rest mass m0 = m / gamma. For example the photon velocity v obtained in any power absorption coefficient of the Beer Lambert law as in recent papers, and the ratio of flux densities can be expressed as a ratio of photon masses.

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Subj: Section 3 of paper 310

This is section 3 with some plots. Interestingly, the monochromatic flux
density is defined for frequencies smaller than omega_0, but not in the
polychromatic case.


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