312(1): A Simple Calculation of Moving Photon Mass

This simple calculation uses the Beer Lambert law in combination with the Planck distribution for massive photons of monochromatic frequency omega. In the free photon gas the moving mass is 1.02 ten power minus 38 kilograms, compared with the rest mass m0 of 7.39 ten power minus 53 kilograms from the lowest known electromagnetci frequency of 0.01 Hz. This means that the photon is moving very close to c, but not at c. The Poincare / de Broglie / Vigier School referred to this as “FAPP c” (for all practical purposes c). Upon absorption by a low absorber such as glass of assumed refractive index 1.5 the moving mass is 8.53 ten power minus 53 kilograms, with a velocity of 1.5 ten power eight metres per second, half that of light because n = c / v. This is a simple calculation, and for that reason greatly preferred to a calculation with any number of adjustables costing billions and studying noise. There are no adjustables in this calculation, it uses fundamental theory. In future notes for UFT312 the Evans / Morris shift will be considered and worked in to this calculation.


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