Plans for UFT312

These include a development of the methods of measuring the photon rest mass discovered in UFT311 by correcting the Rayleigh Jeans density of states for photon rest mass. The most straightforward method is to measure the frequency and power density of electromagnetic radiation. A stabilized femtosecond laser has a relative resolution of ten power minus fifteen (google “ultra high resolution spectroscopy NIST”) but optical power metres are accurate only to one part in ten minus three at most. The other method is to measure deviations from the Stefan Boltzmann law. There have been reports of pronounced low temperature deviations from the law. The photon rest mass can be calculated in an order of magnitude approximation by using the lowest known electromagnetic frequency. A typical ELF frequency is 3.0 Hz, where ELF stands for “extremely low frequency” but events in the magnetosphere can produce frequencies as low as one millihertz (0.01 hertz or cycles per second). Therefore the photon rest mass can be calculated from the de Broglie equation with this value of frequency. This estimate can be used to calculate the expected deviation from the Stefan Boltzmann law due to photon mass in order to find whether contemporary instrumentation is accurate enough.

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