Daily Report Saturday 28/3/15

There were 2,202 hits or files downloaded from 354 distinct visits or reading sessions, main spiders baidu, google, MSN, yandex and yahoo. Evans / Morris papers 450, Auto1 321, Auto2 144, F3(Sp) 317, Eckardt / Lindstrom papers 202, Book of Scientometrics 180, Principles of ECE 172, Evans Equations 155 (numerous Spanish), UFT88 135, Engineering Model 114, CEFE 81, Englynion 67 (second book of poetry), Autobiography Sonnets 25 (first book of poetry) to date in March 2015. Dalhousie University Canada First definitive proof that no torsion means no gravitation and refutation of the Einsteinian general relativity; University of Antioquia Colombia UFT142(Sp); International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) Trieste Diplomatic Objection to ‘t Hooft by Gareth Evans. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for March 2015.

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