Good Reaction to UFT311 at the ACS Conference

Dear Dr Ide,

Many thanks for making available the details of your circuit. This is of key importance, and congratulations to all concerned on this major breakthrough in understanding energy from spacetime in terms of ECE theory as extended by Horst Eckardt and Doug Lindstrom in UFT292 to UFT299, currently being read about two thousand four hundred times a year. I am glad that the ACS conference liked your papers an UFT311. It is obvious that your experimental methods and the ECE theory are fully accepted as mainstream science, and that the idea of electrodynamics as general relativity based on torsion has also been accepted. In my opinion this is a historic advance, showing precisely and clearly that clean energy is available from spacetime in unlimited quantities.

Myron Evans

In a message dated 28/03/2015 17:17:03 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

Dear Dr. Eckardt,

My wife and I have just returned from ACS at Denver in this evening.

The presentation of my three papers for ACS have been done in 24th March as same on the program.

The evaluation of my papers were pretty well, especially for several chemistry professors of several State University.

I was asked significant question by them.

I found your paper is on AIAS site and having very good comment by the members, as same as I have emailed you before.

I also expect much reaction for your paper.

I got a CD of presented papers in the ENFL division of ACS but I haven’t opened it yet.

I will send them soon.

Best regards,

Osamu Ide

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