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Daily Report 25/2/15

February 27, 2015

There were 2,420 files downloaded (or hits) from 495 study visits during the day, main spiders baidu, google, MSN, yahoo, yandex, wotbox and seznam. F3(Sp) 566, Auto1 469, Auto2 119, Evans / Morris papers 326, Book of Scientometrics 192, Eckardt / Lindstrom papers 191, Evans Equations 143 (numerous Spanish), Principles of ECE 143, UFT88 130, Engineering Model 95, Englynion 87 (second book of poetry), CEFE 75, Llais 31, UFT305 29, Autobiography Sonnets 23 (first book of poetry) to date in February 2015. Ministry of Education (XTec) Catalonia F3(Sp); University of Toronto UFT67; Iparadigms Corporation extensive; Physics Technical University of Kaiserslautern UFT81; State University of New York at Albany infinite solenoid; Florida Institute of Technology UFT63, 75; Ohio State University UFT88; University of Vigo Spain UFT166(Sp); University of Poitiers general; Greek School Network general; Mesh Corporation Japan extensive; Faculty of Humanities University of Amsterdam general; Girton College Cambridge UFT120; Physics Oxford University UFT25; Oxford University eduroam system UFT25. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for February 2015.

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Sunlight Shifted to the Red

February 26, 2015

Very interesting result as usual, which with the permission of Gareth and Trevor I am posting on the blog as usual. The overall mechanism according to basic quantum theory is:

omega = omega0 exp ( – alpha (omega0) Z / 3)

where alpha is the power absorption coefficient of the olive oil in the visible range. So if alpha (omega0) is known experimentally (the chlorophyll absorption spectrum) it can be used to calculate the red shifted frequency omega at the sample path length Z.

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Subj: Re: Planck Distribution and Rayleigh Scattering

Excellent Myron. Attached is focused SUNLIGHT shifted to red by extra virgin olive oil in a drinking glass. A very easy experiment. You can see the focused white light on the front face of the glass. All the component colours of the white light is shifted to this red frequency by chlorophyll in the olive oil (around 680nm). This is the frequency of light that would mormally be absorbed by livibg plants during photosynthesis. So, as we have stated in the past, this is nature at its intricate best (using as much of the incident radiation as possible for photosynthesis and protecting delicate cells from ionising radiation in the uv in the process). This is nature using the effects you are developing and explaining.

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Subject: Planck Distribution and Rayleigh Scattering

The theories of the Planck distribution and Rayleigh scattering both calculate I / I0 so there will be hitherto unknown frequency shifts in Rayleigh scattering and also Raman scattering. These are worked out by calculating I / I0 from the Planck distribution and form the theory of Rayleigh scattering, and equating the results. These shifts are reminiscent of Compton scattering, which is a theory worked out with one photon. Therefore Evans / Morris effects are ubiquotous throughout optics and spectroscopy. I will write up UFT308 and then proceed to Rayleigh scattering combined with the Planck distribution.

Planck Distribution and Rayleigh Scattering

February 26, 2015

The theories of the Planck distribution and Rayleigh scattering both calculate I / I0 so there will be hitherto unknown frequency shifts in Rayleigh scattering and also Raman scattering. These are worked out by calculating I / I0 from the Planck distribution and form the theory of Rayleigh scattering, and equating the results. These shifts are reminiscent of Compton scattering, which is a theory worked out with one photon. Therefore Evans / Morris effects are ubiquotous throughout optics and spectroscopy. I will write up UFT308 and then proceed to Rayleigh scattering combined with the Planck distribution.

308(5): Evans / Morris Shifts for the Harmonic Oscillator

February 26, 2015

The harmonic oscillator is the basis for the simple theory of vibrational spectroscopy and for greatly developed quantum optical theory. This note shows that the spectrum is shifted to the red acccording to fundamental quantum theory, but not split. This ought to be observable experimentally to great precision, and is another test of quantum mechanics based on the experimental observations of Gareth Evans and Trevor Morris.


UFT88 Studied at Radboud University Nijmegen

February 26, 2015

Radboud University Nijmegen is ranked 127 in the world by Times Higher Education and 261 by webometrics. It is therefore a world ranking university with about twenty thousand students. It was founded in 1923 because at the time there was prejudice in the Netherlands against Catholics. I read this today and I find it very surprising because I thought that the Netherlands, of all countries, would have been enlightened. Catholics were excluded from almost all high posts in the Government. All that has hopefully changed now and in 2004 the University was named after St. Radboud (circa 900 A. D.) having been called the Catholic University of Nijmegen. Presumably it is now open to all denominations. This prejudice is very similar to that which exists in the so called, cut up “University of Wales” today – native Welsh scholars, Welsh speakers or not, are excluded by a process of colonialism – the exclusion of Gareth Evans and myself shows this very clearly. even though I am a Civil List Pensioner and a Member of the Gentry purely on merit, and of royal descent from the Princes of Wales, I am still excluded. With judgement like this, who needs bigotry? It is a massive breach of all the human rights laws ever written. Despite this, the enlightened parts of the University study ECE theory, and have done for twelve years. My very popular Autobiography shows how this colonialism works. All of that must be completely reformed and a new University of Wales established in which all staff and students are fluent Welsh speakers, with a section for native Anglo-Welsh scholars from Wales itself, i.e. those sympathetic to the Welsh language and not hostile to it, and who would be expected to learn Welsh. UFT88 is a famous paper that immediately refutes Einsteinian general relativity by correcting the second Bianchi identity for torsion. Anyone who has been following this blog, read in 175 countries currently, knows that UFT88 has been doing the rounds of the best universities in the world. So the dogmatic adherence to Einsteinian general relativity no longer has any credibility among the world’s best scholars.

University Conference on UFT213

February 26, 2015

This occurred on 24/2/15 to discuss the proofs of the antisymmetry of the Christoffel connection discussed in UFT213. The participants were: TU Berlin, Georgia Tech, Rochester Tech, University of Virginia and University of Durham. These are all world ranking universities. UFT213 should be read in conjunction with UFT88, UFT99, UFT255 and “Principles of ECE Theory” (UFT281 – UFT288), and the five definitive proofs on of the antisymmetry of the connection. Once it is realized that torsion is fundamental, the antisymmetry of the connection follows immediately, and the Einsteinian general relativity is refuted entirely. It has been replaced by ECE theory, x theory and three dimensional orbital theory, heavily studied around the world. The correct first and second Bianchi identities are given in Eqs. (106) and (105) of UFT255, reviewed in UFT281. It is clear that world ranking universities no longer study the traditional journals that repeat the incorrect Einsteinian dogma, nor do they accept the refereeing system of those journals and books. The Einstein field equation is no longer accepted by the best in the world. This means that Government funding for expensive work on testing the obsolete Einstein theory should be stopped and redistributed in to useful and increasingly needed research on new energy. Before long, fuel and car rationing will come in to force. Governments have been warning about fuel shortage for almost twenty years so they cannot afford the waste of money and effort that goes in to failed dogma. The work of AIAS is voluntary and the cost to the tax payer is my Civil List Pension, currently £2,400 a year. In ghastly contrast, the expense of failed dogma runs into billions and the dogmatic cats live in luxury.

Daily Report 24/2/15

February 26, 2015

There were 2,705 files downloaded or hits from 508 distinct visits or study sessions, main spiders from baidu, google, MSN, yandex and yahoo. F3(Sp) 550, Auto1 456, Auto2 116, Evans / Morris papers 261, Book of Scientometrics 173, Eckardt / Lindstrom papers 163, Principles of ECE 143, Evans Equations 141 (numerous Spanish), UFT88 125, Engineering Model 93, Englynion 83 (second book of poetry), CEFE 75, Llais 29, Autobiography sonnets 23 (first book of poetry) to date in Feburary 2015. Technical University Graz Austria UFT95; Swiss Federal Institute Lausanne UFT213; Mechanics Technical University Berlin UFT213, my page; Georgia Institute of Technology UFT213; Rochester Institute of Technology UFT213; University of Chicago UFT61, UFT152; University of California San Diego Resonance paper; University of Virginia UFT213; Complutense University Madrid Criticism of the Higgs Boson; University of Poitiers general; United States Library of Congress general; Physics Nagoya University UFT199; Science Radboud University Nijmegen Netherlands UFT88; National University of Singapore UFT42; University of Durham UFT213. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for February 2015.

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University Visits from Europe and the Rest of the World in January 2015

February 25, 2015

As usual these outnumbered the U. S. visits as can be seen from the attached collected scientometrics. It will take some time to survey these non U. S. visits to find their world rankings by Webometrics and THES, but it is clear by inspection that they are nearly all world ranking universities. I will complete the survey eventually. The first section of the attached shows the visits every month from the top twenty nine universities in the world by webometrics and THES rankings back to 30th April 2004. The top twenty nine are dominated by the U. S. Universities, the top two hundred are more evenly distributed throughout the world. I suppose one could assume like a psychologically disturbed troll cowering in anonymity that these visits all mean nothing at all, in which case there is no science, only anonymous voodoo reeking with malice. I think that all decent people prefer enlightenment. In athletics, if one wins the 5,000 metres by 50 metres, one is given a gold medal. Similarly, recognition for AIAS should be forthcoming from the establishment. The recognition from the colleagues is overwhelming and permanent. That is much more important than any prize, but public funding must be distributed fairly, and scientific advances must be recognized.


World Rankings of U. S. University Visits to January 2015

February 25, 2015

These rankings are given in brackets, firstly Webometrics and secondly Time Higher Education where available. All the visits were from world ranking universities with the exception of one or two reputable but smaller colleges, and this has been the pattern since April 30th 2004. The * denotes repeat visits as usual in the scientometrics. The following confirms that all the visits are from universities ranked in the top two hundred in the world with the possible exception of Pomona and Merrimack. The latter are also reputable, but smaller. So these scientometrics show that ECE theory is read intensively by the best in the world, and has been since inception in March 2003. Before that the rest of my work has always been read by the best in the world. Only now is this becoming clear because of the availability of the internet and its accurate feedback methods. Those very few dogmatists who continue to deny the impact of ECE are bone chewers of Bacon’s cave, and like all neanderthals live in the past.

California State Pomona (1188, ); Clemson* (292, 350); Denver* (740, ); Georgia Tech* (67, 25); Georgetown (187, 160); Iowa State* (66, 183); Illinois Urbana Champaign (20, 29); Michigan State (35, 83); Northwestern (62, 22); New York (36, 40); Rutgers (43, 144); University of California Irvine* (75, 96); University of California Santa Barbara* (94, 33); University of California Santa Cruz (123, 122); University of Georgia (67, 201); University of Pennsylvania* (9, 15); Arizona State University (55, 148); California Institute of Technology (32, 9), Case Western Reserve University (304, 104); Merrimack (3,502, ); Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2, 2); Princeton (26, 6); University of California San Diego (33, 38); University of Massachusetts (84, 72); University of Texas Austin (12, 33); University of Washington (8, 31) and University of Wisconsin Madison (11, 30).

Historically Unprecedented Interest in ECE Theory

February 25, 2015

Many thanks and bull’s eye. This is indeed the most important thing to any artist. All the Professors and Fellows of AIAS can share in the kudos entirely. This is the result of shaking free from the dead hands of dogma and censorship. I will go on now to analyze the quality of the interest in some more ways by taking the university visits for January 2015 and noting the world ranking of each university in Webometrics and THES. Finally I will add these analyses to the collected scientometrics (UFT307). Another very important thing is that this entire output is archived for future generations at the British Library from the National Library of Wales, and many thanks to the National Library of Wales back at where it all begun – Aberystwyth. The British Library Archives of are found on , Science and Technology, AIAS. Alternatively go to my page “Myron Evans” on the home page of, and scroll down to “Recently the National Library of Wales has selected …..” and click on the link there. It was specially constructed by Dave Burleigh to take the reader direct to the archives at the British Library in London from the National Library of Wales at Aberystwyth. In an age where everything is thrown out with your grandmother, these archives are the single most valuable thing for historians of science and other aspects of the website.

Sent: 25/02/2015 09:16:58 GMT Standard Time
Subj: Re: Analyzing the Scientometrics

This is an astonishing level of interest -and there is no question about its validity. A remarkable achievement Myron. It must be very satisfying for you – well done!

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I encourage the AIAS Professors and Fellows, and others of the vast readership and following of ECE theory and AIAS to analyze the attached collected scientometrics. Every method of analysis will show that ECE is an internationally accepted theory of natural philosophy that essentially refutes the standard model. For example, looking at today’s daily report for the first 23 days of February there are data on some selected items. I report these every early morning GMT. There are on average 365 / 12 = 30.42 days per month, so to get an idea of the data for the average month we multiply by 1.323 = 30.42 / 23. We then multiply by 12 to get an idea of the number of readings per year (365 days) of a very small selection of the three thousand or so items on The results are the number of readings per year for each item, and show beyond doubt an intense interest in all aspects of the work of AIAS and my own personal output. For example:

1) My Autobiography Volumes One and Two, (Auto1, Auto2): 8,880 readings a year at present.
2) Chapter Three in Spanish of Laurence Felker, “The Evans Equations of Unified Field Theory” (F3(Sp)) translated by Alex Hill: 8,520 readings a year at present.
3) The Evans / Morris papers (UFT279, 280, 289 – 291, 300, 304, 306): 3,792 readings a year at present.
4) The Book of Scientometrics: 2,969 readings a year at present.
5) The Eckardt Lindstrom papers (UFT292 to UFT299): 2,568 readings a year at present.
6) Principles of ECE Theory (UFT281 – UFT288): 2,254 readings a year at present.
7) Laurence Felker, “The Evans Equations of Unified Field Theory”: 2,223 readings a year at present.
8) UFT88 (well known classic paper on the torsion corrected second Bianchi identity): 1,920 readings a year at present.
9) My First and Second Books of Poetry (“Englynion” and “Autobiography Sonnets”): 1,603 readings a year at present.
10) The Engineering Model collated by Horst Eckardt: 1,461 readings a year at rpesent
11) Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation (CEFE): 1,128 readings a year at present.

So it becomes clear that no one believes a word of the bad parts of standard physics such as big bang, Higgs boson, and all that rubbish. There are still some good parts of course, notably the Schroedinger equation and the chiral Dirac equation (the ECE fermion equation). My two books of poetry are probably being read as much or more as a book by a great poet such as R. S. Thomas, who wrote in the minimalist style that he made famous, and only in English. I am a poet in my own style and don’t want to compare myself vainly with RST. I am recording objective data. I am pleased to be able to write in my own native language, British Celtic (or “Welsh” as it is miscalled) and also the international language, English. Many thanks to all those who helped construct teh site adn blog, and congratulations to them. Many thanks to the vast readoership for its interest over twelve year sand more.