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Many thanks and good to hear from you. As the attached shows the line back to Tudor times has extant legal documents for each generation. On 31/12/12 you found the marriage record of Morgan ap Thomas ap Morgan ap John Awbrey y Garth to Angharad Bevan, on 25th Feb. 1688 but you could not get the original document. I assume that this should be in Ystradgynlais FHS (I assume Family History Society) so I can just ask them. I am just wondering out of curiosity whether this marriage record would have the name of his father and mother on it. Morgan ap Thomas ap Morgan ap John Awbrey died in 1749, so Find my Past should have the record and it should be in Ystradgynlais Library. I will certainly give full credit to all the genealogists if The Evening Post decide to write an article about the genealogy. It is immensely popular in 175 countries and is completely solid and accurate and it is all archived at the British Library.

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The baptisms, marriages and burial records of St Cynog’s are held in both the church vestry and the West Glamorgan Archives in Swansea and Ystrasdgynlais Library. They all hold photocopies of the original records held at NLW. It should be noted that the BMD records do not really start until about 1720, with a scattering back to 1712.

As you know the church and the Library in Ystradgynlais held copies of the BMD records for the years 1686 to 1694. They appeared to be comprehensive apart from 1694 which terminated halfway through. As you know these records have disappeared, believed stolen. Replacements have not yet been tracked down – it should be noted that the West Glamorgan Archives did not have a copy of these 17th century records. Ystradynlais FHS transcribed the records and hold a table of these records.

I have not used very much of the Callwen records and the vicar be should approached with respect to those.

As you say Ancestry does not anything really in this field. Find My Past is far better for sourcing the BMD records for St Cynog’, though I do not know their overall accuracy as some of the early records are of very poor quality and the transcriptions may be faulty. I have only used it for a quick search and it has been very efficient. They do provide scanned photos of the records.

You can if you want photocopy the BMD records held at Ystradgynlais Library. They are available to read at both the church and the library and can also be photographed in either place.

Stuart Davies

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I telephoned Rev. Alun Brookfield at 07791 443159. I am now ready to construct the Royal Celtic Lines of the Morgan Aubrey Family back to 285 BC and will send the completed document to the College of Arms and “Burke’s Peerage and Gentry”, Royal Section. Of course the entire Morgan Aubrey family is of royal descent in many ways. There is an extant document for every generation (about seventy generations in all). Do you have any access to the records of St. Cynog and St John the Baptist Callwen? Ancestry appears to have very little. Attached is the line back to Caradog (Caratacus) ap Llyr Llediath. I have pushed the line back to 285 BC. I need to add the ancestry of Tewdwr Mawr ap Cadell, which goes back through Rhodri Mawr to the Kings of Rheged and Gododdin in Roman times, possibly back to pre Roman times. So I have given source documents for every generation researched by Leonid Morgan, but new source documents are always welcome. Very little can be found online at Ancestry.


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