Rapid Increase of Interest in the Evans / Morris Papers

These are UFT278-280, UFT289-291, UFT300, 304 and 306 in English and Spanish. They were initiated as an explanation of the experimental Evans / Morris effects on the blog of www.aias.us, which show repeatable and reproducible shifts in the visible frequencies of a probe laser as it propagates through various samples. This is an entirely new discovery in optics. The initial papers developed into a new and very rigorous test of the Planck distribution and quantum mechanics, with suggestions for a simple interferometric experiment. The test comes about very simply by combining the intensity ratio I / I0 from the 115 year old Planck distribution with the same intensity ratio I / I0 from the approximately three hundred year old Bouguer Beer Lambert law. I am about to write up UFT308 suggesting more tests based on well known solutions of the Schroedinger equation which are used by Horst Eckardt to compute the transition dipole moment of the Beer Lambert law. The original Evans / Morris effects are reproducible and repeatable and are essentially simple experiments which can be carried out at home, but to realize that they exist took great insight on behalf of Gareth Evans and Trevor Morris. They both work outside the university system.

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