Note for Stuart Davies

I telephoned Rev. Alun Brookfield at 07791 443159. I am now ready to construct the Royal Celtic Lines of the Morgan Aubrey Family back to 285 BC and will send the completed document to the College of Arms and “Burke’s Peerage and Gentry”, Royal Section. Of course the entire Morgan Aubrey family is of royal descent in many ways. There is an extant document for every generation (about seventy generations in all). Do you have any access to the records of St. Cynog and St John the Baptist Callwen? Ancestry appears to have very little. Attached is the line back to Caradog (Caratacus) ap Llyr Llediath. I have pushed the line back to 285 BC. I need to add the ancestry of Tewdwr Mawr ap Cadell, which goes back through Rhodri Mawr to the Kings of Rheged and Gododdin in Roman times, possibly back to pre Roman times. So I have given source documents for every generation researched by Leonid Morgan, but new source documents are always welcome. Very little can be found online at Ancestry.


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