Daily Report 25/2/15

There were 2,420 files downloaded (or hits) from 495 study visits during the day, main spiders baidu, google, MSN, yahoo, yandex, wotbox and seznam. F3(Sp) 566, Auto1 469, Auto2 119, Evans / Morris papers 326, Book of Scientometrics 192, Eckardt / Lindstrom papers 191, Evans Equations 143 (numerous Spanish), Principles of ECE 143, UFT88 130, Engineering Model 95, Englynion 87 (second book of poetry), CEFE 75, Llais 31, UFT305 29, Autobiography Sonnets 23 (first book of poetry) to date in February 2015. Ministry of Education (XTec) Catalonia F3(Sp); University of Toronto UFT67; Iparadigms Corporation extensive; Physics Technical University of Kaiserslautern UFT81; State University of New York at Albany infinite solenoid; Florida Institute of Technology UFT63, 75; Ohio State University UFT88; University of Vigo Spain UFT166(Sp); University of Poitiers general; Greek School Network general; Mesh Corporation Japan extensive; Faculty of Humanities University of Amsterdam general; Girton College Cambridge UFT120; Physics Oxford University UFT25; Oxford University eduroam system UFT25. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for February 2015.

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