University Conference on UFT213

This occurred on 24/2/15 to discuss the proofs of the antisymmetry of the Christoffel connection discussed in UFT213. The participants were: TU Berlin, Georgia Tech, Rochester Tech, University of Virginia and University of Durham. These are all world ranking universities. UFT213 should be read in conjunction with UFT88, UFT99, UFT255 and “Principles of ECE Theory” (UFT281 – UFT288), and the five definitive proofs on of the antisymmetry of the connection. Once it is realized that torsion is fundamental, the antisymmetry of the connection follows immediately, and the Einsteinian general relativity is refuted entirely. It has been replaced by ECE theory, x theory and three dimensional orbital theory, heavily studied around the world. The correct first and second Bianchi identities are given in Eqs. (106) and (105) of UFT255, reviewed in UFT281. It is clear that world ranking universities no longer study the traditional journals that repeat the incorrect Einsteinian dogma, nor do they accept the refereeing system of those journals and books. The Einstein field equation is no longer accepted by the best in the world. This means that Government funding for expensive work on testing the obsolete Einstein theory should be stopped and redistributed in to useful and increasingly needed research on new energy. Before long, fuel and car rationing will come in to force. Governments have been warning about fuel shortage for almost twenty years so they cannot afford the waste of money and effort that goes in to failed dogma. The work of AIAS is voluntary and the cost to the tax payer is my Civil List Pension, currently £2,400 a year. In ghastly contrast, the expense of failed dogma runs into billions and the dogmatic cats live in luxury.

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