UFT88 Studied at Radboud University Nijmegen

Radboud University Nijmegen is ranked 127 in the world by Times Higher Education and 261 by webometrics. It is therefore a world ranking university with about twenty thousand students. It was founded in 1923 because at the time there was prejudice in the Netherlands against Catholics. I read this today and I find it very surprising because I thought that the Netherlands, of all countries, would have been enlightened. Catholics were excluded from almost all high posts in the Government. All that has hopefully changed now and in 2004 the University was named after St. Radboud (circa 900 A. D.) having been called the Catholic University of Nijmegen. Presumably it is now open to all denominations. This prejudice is very similar to that which exists in the so called, cut up “University of Wales” today – native Welsh scholars, Welsh speakers or not, are excluded by a process of colonialism – the exclusion of Gareth Evans and myself shows this very clearly. even though I am a Civil List Pensioner and a Member of the Gentry purely on merit, and of royal descent from the Princes of Wales, I am still excluded. With judgement like this, who needs bigotry? It is a massive breach of all the human rights laws ever written. Despite this, the enlightened parts of the University study ECE theory, and have done for twelve years. My very popular Autobiography shows how this colonialism works. All of that must be completely reformed and a new University of Wales established in which all staff and students are fluent Welsh speakers, with a section for native Anglo-Welsh scholars from Wales itself, i.e. those sympathetic to the Welsh language and not hostile to it, and who would be expected to learn Welsh. UFT88 is a famous paper that immediately refutes Einsteinian general relativity by correcting the second Bianchi identity for torsion. Anyone who has been following this blog, read in 175 countries currently, knows that UFT88 has been doing the rounds of the best universities in the world. So the dogmatic adherence to Einsteinian general relativity no longer has any credibility among the world’s best scholars.

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