Study Visits from the Best Universities in the World in January 2015

In the following list the * denotes repeat visits up to 27/1/15: Cambridge*, Imperial, Caltech, MIT, Princeton, U Penn, Texas, Washington*, Wisconsin Madison, ETH Zurich, Toronto* and Tokyo. The top twenty nine Universities in the world are selected from the Webometrics and Times Higher Education World Rankings as attached. There are many opinions on the top universities in the world, sometimes Caltech is chosen, with over thirty Nobel Laureates, sometimes Oxford and Cambridge, sometimes Harvard. ETH is generally considered the best polytechnic in Europe, closely followed by Imperial College London, the Swiss Federal Institute (EPF) Lausanne, RTWH Aachen, Ecole Polytechnique and so on. Staff and students from all of these top universities and institutes study ECE theory all the time, and have done since inception of the theory in March 2003 in Craig Cefn Parc, Mawr in Wales. The top small institute in the world by impact is AIAS / UPITEC. The ECE theory has been nominated for many prizes: Nobel, Wolf and Milner, and many medals, for example: the Priestley Medal of the American Chemical Society (its highest award), The Copley Medal of the Royal Society (its highest award), the Davy and Royal Medals of the Royal Society, and the Debye Medal of the American Chemical Society. The ECE theory was partly the reason for the award of a Civil List Pension in 2005, and Armiger rank in 2008. Other medals include the Harrison Memorial Prize and Meldola Medal. So congratulations again to all AIAS / UPITEC staffs.


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