Malfeasance at Mawr Community Council

As requested I am tabling questions to the Clerk of the Community Council as follows

1) Why has its Councillors not all resigned following the 15th January 2015 report of the Wales Audit Office, which found continuing failures in governance, arrangements and many inadequacies? These have been going on since 2011. The Council could not be reached for comment. It was ordered to call a public meeting to discuss these disgraceful failures within a month.
2) Why cannot the Council maintain law and order in Mawr, and why does it not cooperate with the Police and Armiger to investigate recent common assaults on a world renowned scientist, namely myself? Why are there no double yellow lines, why are cars allowed to park right across pavements? Why are there no speed restrictions? Why does the Council not protest strongly at the recent common assaults on myself as Armiger? There has been international protest and disgust at the ethnic attacks which accompanied these common assaults. In my opinion as Armiger the assailants should be arrested, have been twice warned by the police.
3) Why does the Council take no notice of my renowned work in science, despite being kept fully informed of it as a matter of politeness? This has made Mawr famous throughout the world.
4) Why cannot some Councillors speak or read the Welsh language? Why do they not learn it?
5) How many Councillors have been elected, and if so by what percentage of the electoral register? In the records of Swansea County Council I can find none that have been elected. I have found seven uncontested Councillors, four of whom almost immediately resigned, splitting the Council in two.
6) Why has the Council allowed the protected ecology of Gelliwastad to be destroyed by bikes and heavy four wheelers, and by horses straying off the bridle path for many years? Why has the Council not supported my eight year long battle against these vandals, often in dangerous conditions? Why has it not put up gates and fences, or TV cameras?
7) Why has a member of the Mawr Development Trust falsely accused me publicly? His accusations were removed from public view after international protest. This is disgraceful conduct.

There is no effective Local Government in Mawr and I am entitled as Armiger to participate in governance voluntarily. This is my duty as a member of the Gentry or untitled nobility. The Council will respect me as the only Armiger of Mawr and surrounding areas, appointed directly by Crown and Parliament at the discretion of Queen Elizabeth. Otherwise it is in contempt of both, as well as unable to govern or keep its finances in order. I suggest that it be disbanded and law and order reimposed in Mawr by the Welsh Assembly and Westminster Parliament

Dr. M. W. Evans, Gent., Armiger of Mawr, Civil List Pensioner, D. Sc., Ph. D., B. Sc. (Wales)
AIAS President,

cc Gower Constituency Labour Party, international scientific colleagues,
Police Commissioner for Wales,. local police.

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